Since different watches involve varying levels of work I can’t believe one simple guarantee fits all circumstances. At least with a watch repairer you have more chance of having it done properly although for £5 to £8 it’s highly unlikely it’s getting done the way it should be. I walked into my local Timpson and they said they would replace the battery for £60 and that they would reseal it to Tag specification. I wouldn’t condemn Timpson’s work out of hand or say their quality is deficient, but the more unusual the watch type the more likely it is that they won’t have all the necessary experience and techniques. So, all I needed to do was get a new battery installed. Only last week I had a lady bring her watch in for a new battery, when I removed the case back I could see the battery holding strap had been fitted upside down and only secured by one holding screw (could cause a short circuit), fortunately once I had fitted a new battery correctly including fitting the strap the correct way around securing the strap at both ends the watch worked fine. A Timpsons Lifetime battery is guaranteed for the lifetime of the watch, they will replace the battery free of charge in any branch when you present your lifetime battery card, the card has details of your watches case number And make as identification. I can’t remember the last time I did this, so I just asked the man over the counter whether he could replace the battery and he said ‘yes, of course’. Our two High Street retail stores stock a large selection of new watches and watch straps and carry out a range of jewellery repairs. I do not conduct a hydrostatic pressure test but apply a touch of Sil Grease to the rear plate O ring or replace as required. This is backed up by a comprehensive stock of spares to fit many of the modern & vintage timepieces we receive every day. 5) Are the case and bracelet cleaned to remove any trapped dirt? It’s good to see this Convo reincarnated. A gentleman phoned on Monday asking if I would be able to sort his quartz analogue/digital watch which had misted up. We have a separate Master Watchmakers area that has been approved to carry out the repair to many complicated high-end watches. I can say with some confidence that Timpsons are a better bet for watch repairs on-site than your average multiple jeweller. It was my fault for handing over my watch. Ironic really on a conversation about timekeeping devices. I completely agree with TheWatcher, the issues that can be caused if the battery is badly installed are numerous and may not be immediately obvious and will not be covered by any lifetime battery guarantees. I just shouldn’t be embarrassed to say ‘no’. The Watch Workshop offers a range of quality, guaranteed watch repair services on all major brands. Only best quality AAA grade replacement parts used; All parts guaranteed for 12 months – No quibble; Fast repair service – often “While you wait” for more straightforward jobs 1200 shops to carry out phone repairs and help with any issues. Our watch battery replacement service comes with a full 12-months guarantee. The quality of work will largely depend on the extent and quality of the training and the experience of the individual member of staff doing the work. We’ll add a $ 6.95 shipping fee for out-of-warranty service if we need to ship your Apple Watch. Pricing and terms vary at other service providers. I got a watch back remover for £3.50 and a battery for £2.75 inc delivery online – now when I need a new battery it costs me under £3 and five minutes to do it myself. @PaddySteen The price of the battery with free fitting as a courtesy, customer service for the win, — Bill Burnell (@Waylander101) January 13, 2013. The BHI is a great institution but just because a company has been deemed credible and pays its subscription to them it doesn’t mean all the company’s staff are competent. A couple of quid? You have to remember that you need to keep the receipt/card from Timsons to enable you to claim the lifetime battery change when needed. All on Amazon. Something has gone wrong with the chronology of this thread. Our central workshop is accredited by many major brands to carry out repairs. The bad news is the movement fitted is now obsolete, but the good news is replacement coils are still available so he has had a expensive lesson and his wife will have her watch back on her wrist in the next few days. I am Not a watchmaker just an amateur Jobber Fixer. Was this a fair price? Do not make the mistake of waiting for your watch to stop working before you have it serviced. I wonder if there have been any recent developments. Had a call from a gentleman a couple of days ago asking if I had any of the tiny screws that hold down a battery strap for a watch, apparently he had tried to change the battery on a couple of watches and lost the screws when they pinged off. They should know their limitations and decline work they have less confidence in. Every branch has a pressure tester enabling us to test your watch & guarantee that you can use it in water. I should have written “2017-2018” instead of “2017-2020”. To find your nearest Timpson store that repairs watches please search here: Timpson has been repairing watches for over 20 years from our High Street stores.