Any advice much appreciated. Mend Kitchen Appliances, Electric Cookers, Kitchen Appliances, Electric Cookers (10365 other questions), Related questions - replace, zanussi, grill, element, There is more help available. $( "#local-search-error" ).show(); Thank you for this ingenious fix.BillNov 2020. Cooker Spare Parts offer Zanussi parts and high-quality alternatives which will fit your cooker. What we will do here is explain the main different types of oven and cooker grill element, how to access the element and remove it, how to test a grill element is faulty so that you can understand how to deal with grill elements. We do this by removing the top and rear panels from the oven…and to help with this task you will need a suitable screwdriver. model Zbq865x seriel number 949712429, Here is online manual for the Zanussi ZBQ865X oven -. There is some confusion on this when people buy a new cooker or oven as, all too often, the outer element in a dual grill element will not "glow" as you might expect it to and yet it is still heating with only the inner section of the element glowing as you expect. Putting your oven back together again! It does work but is not infallible however it is better to refit them wherever possible. Well done so far - you have successfully removed your old element, now all you need to do is fit the new one! Thanks for the manual. Do not trust wall switches, they go faulty and even in the off position still can allow the oven or cooker to be powered up. Sometimes the metal linking strip, across the element, moves forward on the element. If you don’t know where to start there’s no need to panic. Click to email for oven and cooker spare parts you need. Refitting is the same in reverse. The grill element in my top oven is held by two self tapping screws which tap into the top of the oven and are, according to the manual, 'removeable' to clean the top.Both have FALLEN out and the holes are now too big to screw them back in. This is what is called the grill element support bar. Try to include as much detail as possible. Almost anyone can change one of these types and they are dead easy to remove for cleaning as well. If you click on the image to the right you will get a short video that explains how to test a grill element in very simple language and it is the most basic of tests to do when figuring out what the problem is with your oven or cooker grill element. Oven Element. Click here for Baumatic repair information. Oven And Cooker Grill Element Support Bar. Zanussi Grill Elements . This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. (Add your answer here. If required it’s time to get the cooker out from its unit now! This bar is there to prevent the element from warping or, at least, to limit the warping of the element where the shape of the element gets deformed. The online store for all your parts & accessories. And let us find it for you at the best UK price. You need to prepare the cooker to be moved…to do this you will need to first of all remove any shelves and supports that are located in your cooker. I cleaned out the holes as best I could and got some metal wall plugs and screws from a … On most oven doors, there will be a latch on either hinge, that when moved into the open position, will allow you to close the door up and lift it out. Now we have access to the back of the oven, we just need to pull the insulation away, and there you are…the back of the grill element has now shown itself to you. Need to mend your Zanussi electric cooker? They were the only ones I remembered from when I disconnected them! But the inner ring of the grill element is not becoming red and heat, like it use too. Many grill elements have a bar that runs, roughly half way down the element, across from one side of the oven cavity to the other and disappears into a hole on each side of the inner oven liner. To finish off, just flip both latches back over so that the door can be closed. Let the element drop free then move it across in the other direction at a downward angle and the element will simply fall free. $("#local-search-services").val($("#local-search-services-req").val()); If you need to replace the element in your grill you’ve come to the right place. $("#local-search-location").val($("#local-search-location-req").val()); These videos are made to promote the company not to help you learn what you should and shouldn't be doing when ti comes to working on an oven or cooker. Additionally, it ensure that you get the correct element for your cooker or oven. What you will tend to find is that the cheap, poor quality, elements will come into existence because it is one that is popular and, therefore, price sensitive. The Series 20 FanCook Oven circulates hot air heat with its fan and ring element. You will know If your grill element is blown, as it may not turn on at all, or it may have uneven spots and patches while in use. Ok, it looks like you have everything connected. Maybe someone else here can. It is also not uncommon for the wiring on more normal grill elements to become brittle due to the heat and to therefore break and cause the element to seem faulty, so ensure that you check any wiring and make sure that it is both sound and safe. View Cookie Policy, By submitting your details you agree to our, How to Replace a Grill Element in an Electric Oven. Although this can be a bit tricky on some it can normally always be done with a little care and patience. JavaScript is disabled. We are not going to be able to replace the grill element if we can’t get to it are we? Only the inside ring of the grill element comes on. event.preventDefault(); However, once you get to them, grill elements are usually easily enough replaced. This means that the retaining lugs on either side no longer engage correctly with the sides of the grill, leaving the element with no support except at the back.