Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute is a pleasantly potent mix of 21 different … Our blend includes crispy onions, sun-dried tomatoes, sea salt, garlic, red peppers, parsley, rosemary, and sage. Upon sampling, I discovered it tastes exactly like stuffing, which makes sense after reading the ingredient list: Dehydrated onion, sea salt, ground back pepper, dried yeast, turmeric, dried celery seed, ground sage, rosemary powder, dried thyme, and dried parsley. Trader Joe's officially knows my own taste preferences better than I do. How to make it: Simply mix an equal ratio of everything apart from the coffee, garlic, sugar, and sea salt. Lastly add the sugar and sea salt to taste. A prime example is their Everything But the Bagel Seasoning: there are nearly 40,000 posts about it on Instagram! 21 Seasoning Salute, $1.99. This grocery giant nails flavor trends and solutions to kitchen conundrums so well that it's not uncommon for their products to gain a well-deserved cult-following. Soy sauce, garlic, sugar, sesame seeds, and chili peppers. It may not seem possible, but this small shaker contains 21 different … It’s these mixes that provided the inspiration for Trader Joe’s Italian Style Soffritto Seasoning Blend. level 1. jhenry05. Open Sesame - This is a sweet, salty, slightly spicy Asian style seasoning. More pepper, a little sweetness and coffee. Image via The Trader Joe's Experience. I was, however, still quite taken with the notion of a Thanksgiving seasoning blend, and decided to make my own. Then, add a 2:1 ratio of the coffee and garlic compared to the other ingredients. Roadhouse - this one is a less salty steak rub style seasoning. Combine Trader Joe’s Roasted Cauliflower with an array of chewy dried fruit, crunchy almonds, and tangy dressing for a light yet satisfying side dish that’s ready in less than 10 minutes—no oven necessary. 21 Seasoning Salute.