Short/Medium length to beat. At a glance, Strikers 1945 bears a definite resemblance to the Giga Wing games for the Sega Dreamcast. While all the ships maneuver more or less identically, each has its own set of weapons and a unique special attack. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. O CD/DVD toca/passa sem problemas, não ”pula”. This is my favorite shmup of all time. Strikers 1945's shortcomings are by no means anything that fans of this type of game aren't already used to. Theres no slowdown and it plays really smooth you can choose different planes and each one has different characteristics. O comprador paga o frete de devolução, USED PS1 PS PlayStation 1 SHADOW TOWER shadow Tower, USED PS1 PS PlayStation 1 Tenchi Muyo! Please log in or register to continue. Este item será enviado pelo Programa de Entrega Internacional, com rastreamento internacional. The game was followed by Strikers 1945 II in 1997 (released in North America as just "Strikers 1945"), and Strikers 1945 III in 1999, as well as the second title remake called Strikers 1945 Plus. Os dentes do encaixe do disco estão quebrados. It is composed of high-ranking international military officials. Some of the setups are pretty elaborate--in one stage, after defeating a particularly large cannon, the remaining wreckage is scooped up by a huge crane and mounted on a giant robot's frame. Those two shooters aren't exactly what I would call masterpieces, but they're still better than this game. Strikers 1945 II (ストライカーズ1945II) is a vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up game developed and originally published by Psikyo in 1997 for the arcades as a follow-up to Strikers 1945.This game was also ported by Kuusou Kagaku to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn for Psikyo and re-released by Success in 2000. Along the way, you can collect power-ups that will charge your main gun and missile attacks. The PlayStation version of Strikers 1945 is, in actuality, the second Strikers 1945 game. I recently bought PSOne with LCD screen, and play this game vertically just like arcade (ok, only available in import version). Some of the enemies manage to look suitably cool, and the special attacks spice things up a bit, but when compared with Einhander's slick presentation, or Bangai-O's zany character, Strikers just doesn't stack up. Strikers 1945 (Sony PlayStation 1, 2001) $25.00 + shipping . USED PS1 PS PlayStation 1 Night Striker. Sorry folks, this one just doesn't cut it. And I just can't help myself from being awed at this old game, where graphic looks so much better than certain newer games out there. With the exception of a small handful, "modern" 2D shooters are frequently somewhat short and feature-barren, and their visuals tend to be technically modest. Towering armored mechs. The strikethrough price is the List Price. PS1. Strikers has it where it counts, though--while it by no means redefines the genre, it probably wasn't trying to in the first place. Love those old games bc they are harder than the ones we have nowdays. If it weren’t for the 60 something credits Peeps and I went through each, or the unlimited continues on the arcade port PlayStation version, one would find themselves playing in an impossible game. The enemy design could use some work in a few places also (giant humanoid mechs do not belong in a WW2 setting). Their names are quite nonsensical--one of them is referred to as a "giant flying boat." After the defeat of the final boss, the player's time, number of gold bars, and number of enemies killed are added up for each level and, if high enough, marked with a silver or gold medal. Then, its shortcomings overshadow its merits. You have to be logged in to write a comment. Thus far this year, the genre has seen a healthy number of releases across multiple platforms--Treasure's Bangai-O and Capcom's upcoming Mars Matrix are filling out the Dreamcast front, while some of Agetec's recent developments are providing PlayStation owners with access to this seemingly revitalized niche. Though some make up for the latter with stylistic inventiveness, Strikers certainly doesn't. Unable to add item to List. For Strikers 1945 on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 4 guides and walkthroughs, 3 cheat codes and secrets, 9 reviews, 12 critic reviews, and 34 user screenshots. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. There were a total of four games in the series – 1, 2, 3, and Plus. Observação: Não garantimos a exatidão da tradução resultante, nem o acesso à mesma. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Customer Reviews. USED PS1 PS PlayStation 1 Strikers 1945 10042 JAPAN IMPORT, PS1 Playstation 1 Strikers 1945 Complete Shmup Shooter Tested, USED PS1 PS PlayStation 1Strikers 1945 II, Strikers 1945 (PlayStation, 2001) PS1 - DISC ONLY - Tested. $39.99. So see if you can defeat the Germans and the Japanese in STRIKERS 1945. Os vendedores devem declarar o valor do item e obedecer as leis de declaração alfandegária. on May 17, 2006 at 3:09PM PDT. Este valor está sujeito a alteração até você efetuar o pagamento. Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2001. Free shipping . The Flying Pancake's special attack, for instance, summons a duo of stealth bombers that both bombard enemies with shells and shield you from their attacks, while the Shinden's guns, when fully charged, shoot forth a highly damaging laser phantom of the ship. The world once again returned to its state of peace. The game was followed by Strikers 1945 II in 1997 (released in North America as just "Strikers 1945"), and Strikers 1945 III in 1999, as well as the second title remake called Strikers 1945 Plus. They have this 'uneasy' feel to it, just using computer to make up all the enemies, special effects, and all that. Sound effects are great. Gameplay is, always has been, and always will be the single most important factor in a video game, but in this day and age, I really don't think some extra bells and whistles and a bit of spit polish are too much to ask for. :sleeping: :worried: :frowning: :anguished: :open_mouth: :grimacing: :confused: :hushed: :expressionless: :unamused: :sweat_smile: :sweat: :disappointed_relieved: :weary: Para obter mais informações, veja os, Este valor inclui tarifas alfandegárias, impostos, tarifa de corretagem e outras tarifas aplicáveis. Vendedor confiável, frete grátis e devolução fácil. Playstation PS1 Strikers 1945 Rare Video Game. Ocorreu um problema. item, nenhuma marca, mancha, arranhão, rachadura ou orifício. Thanks, Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2016, Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2013. PS1_STRIKERS_1945. All of this happened in 1998, three years before Western shooter fans would have any sort of convenient access to the game. In Japan, it was ported to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn by Atlus in 1996; later was also released as part of Psikyo Shooting Collection Vol. Prazo de processamento de entrega nacional. There's an onscreen meter that determines precisely how powerful a given charged shot will be, and it gradually fills as you blow things up. Strikers 1945 PS1 Game - COMPLETE, TESTED, WORKING. The year is 2219AD, and Earth's Star Federa... Twisting alien dogfights. Complete. The resultant robot becomes the level's final boss, and it proves adequately difficult.