The reason I didn't get one right away for my XR was that there wasn't anything else out at the time the XR just came out and I really wanted to show off the red color since all my other phones have been black or silver. I bought the iPhone XR for several reasons: Cost, Size, and Color. Unlike the Otterbox, the Speck also does not feature a cover tab for the charging port. - No charging port cover So we really do have a winner here, especially when it's on sale! By clicking on the buttons above and buying an item from Amazon, you will help support us by giving us affiliate commission. Color and size are good being that it’s not too bulky and doesn’t hinder the profile of the phone too much. — nicely raised bezel to give my screen a better chance of surviving a drop SPECK looks nice as well as providing all around protection from accidental drops or falls. Don’t miss out! A beautiful soft-touch case that’s scratch resistant with Presidio ® 2 Armor Cloud ™ technology for 13-foot drop protection. We look at five of the latest cases from Speck. (See pic) other than that the case is decent middle of the road case for anyone looking to protect their phone without using a super bulky ultra protective case. Incipio's case was flat and did literally nothing to protect the screen from cracking. The last one I realize is probably the least important in the real world, but I love having the Product Red color on my phone. Love this case even though it's plain black and painfully boring. It’s great and I really appreciate all of your help! Good case. Anti-microbial case has a secure feel in hand. This new case was for my daughter, the proud new owner of an iPhone XR, and this case was her second. Well I believe it is all A’s on this gift. Well, I convinced her to try the Speck Presidio Pro, as it's very sleek and much protective than what's she been using. - Slim design Speck's iconic Presidio2 Pro case with Armor Cloud technology provides 13-foot drop protection for your phone. Also got the warranty so no worries for this Grandma! Backed with Speck's lifetime warranty, the Presidio2 Pro case is better than ever. We strive to provide correct information, but are not responsible for inaccuracies. Are you looking for a new case for your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro? black, If I could have gotten that color, I would be a very happy man because I love the tactile and grippy feel of the Presidio Pro and the lack of any camera bump wobble since the back of the case is flat. After just recovering from my mid-summer cold, I’m happy to know that. Highly recommended. Speck Presidio 2 Pro - back cover for cell phone overview and full product specs on CNET. Includes proven Microban antimicrobial protection to reduce 99% of unwanted bacteria, innovative no-slip grip, raised bezel screen protection, and a soft-touch feel. The case architecture allows it to still maintains as slim a profile to the phone as possible, but with protection design features like the raised bezel (which has been a staple of why we have been purchasing Speck for years), a recessed cutout that protect the camera, and a series of soft ridges (or crash zones as they advertise) around the interior perimeter that hold the phone firmly in place while providing a buffer for phone drops. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Overall, I felt that the Speck case did its job. — Speck is describing the material as anti-microbial. My dad loves the fact that the iPad turns on when you open it and turns off when you close the case. They are all thicker cases than some more thinner cases that are available, but that also helps with their overall protection when dropped. The lip on the front face is perfect to protect my screen from scratches when I place it face down. I do recommend this phone for teenagers. With some reluctance she agrees that it's easier to hold than her old case(s). Copyright © 2015 — openings and buttons are precision cut and make using my phone easier CarPlay Life isn’t affiliated with Apple Inc and Apple CarPlay™. All-in-all this is a great case and it will do a great job protecting my investment in my iPhone because at the price these things are going for nowadays, I'm going to be holding on to this one for a while. CNET may get a commission from these offers. Replaced an incipio case that failed to protect anything about the phone when it was accidentally dropped. Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 217 reviews. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 217 reviews. This case is really rugged! The phone case is great! — a soft touch feel that improves my grip without interfering with pocketing my phone. Shop By Price. Best Buy has stock for the XR which what I had to protect. Nice case. It’s easier to grip and hold in my hand, possibly because the Speck case does not have any rubberized bumpers on the sides of the case; it only has them on the corners. Better than I expected. I've been an iPhone user for 8+ years, My wife had been using Samsung's until this year when I convinced her to get a iPhone XR. After doing some research, we read that the new XR Presidio Pro was often compared to the look and feel of the silicone case, and we were sold. - More slippery to hold The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by Apple Inc. "The JoyeAuto USB dongle brings new connectivity, a unique menu screen and independent software and compatibility", "The CPlay2air USB dongle offers an attached wire connection, discrete status lights and regular compatibility updates. I did notice one abnormality in the fit on the phone where the volume buttons were the case kind of pulls away leaving a gap. - Adequately protects phone from drops © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Out of the five we reviewed, we found the Presidio Perfect-Clear and Presidio Perfect-Mist to be our favourites. Personally I prefer a case that’s a little bit more rugged, but I believe this Speck case will satisfy most XR users. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. I also have a Speck case too and I really like it. scratch-resistant, Best Black Friday 2020 deals: Big savings on TVs, headphones, Apple Watch, Roku, Fitbit, Chromebooks, more, PS5 in time for Black Friday? Most suppliers are cutting corners and selling cases made for the 11 Pro with the 3 cameras. The anti-microbial treatment is a plus, if that type of thing is important to you, but that really hasn’t been an issue for us as a family in the past, we tend to put our phones through a lot for what we spend on them, and good cases like Speck tend to weather that proudly while the phone stays in pristine shape. Speck's Presidio Pro comes in a variety of colors and has a soft-to-the-touch finish that's equipped with Microban antimicrobial technology.