This brand of Vodka is 40% ABV or 80 proof; Skyy 90 Vodka is a 90 proof premium brand aimed at martini drinkers, as well as flavored SKYY being 70 proof. Because of this, people swear by it and tend to think that it is actually a premium vodka. Strain out the ice and add your egg white to the shaker with your chilled cocktail. Nick Lappan has worked in the restaurant industry since age 13 and most recently has worked as a cocktail bartender and bar consultant in the United States and China. All the main qualities of Skyy go south fast when it loses the super-freeze. In year 2008, Skyy Group expanded the SKYY Vodka line with five new flavors, referred to as Skyy Infusions. It’s even … The Glenlivet 18 – Single malt masterpiece. Online (4) In Store (5) Special Order (SLO) (20) Size. It would be futile to convince common people to stay away from it, as it usually then next vodka people like to try after only drink Smirnoff. Similarly affordable, and available in a wide range of flavors, Pinnacle makes a decent substitute for Skyy. $18.99. Shake four ounces of SKYY vodka in a metal shaker with lots of ice until it is chilled, then pour into a martini … Size. Skyy Vodka for sure is one of the more well known vodka brands around. Nowadays, Skyy Vodka is well known brand of vodka right next to top high profiled vodka brands like Smirnoff, Grey Goose Vodka or Absolut Vodka. Bottled at 30% ABV, Skyy Barcraft is marketed as an easy, hassle-free alternative to making a real cocktail. This one is a Skyy-ified version of the original High Five cocktail created by bartender Alex Day of Death and Co fame. Based in San Francisco, Skyy has a history of publicly supporting the LGBTQ community, being the first spirit brand to feature a lesbian couple in their advertising. Muddle raspberries and the simple syrup in the bottom of your shaker. This is a great brand to check out if you’re growing bored with your citrus vodka and soda water and want to try something more exciting. In addition to the classic Skyy Vodka, Skyy brand also produces a number of flavored vodkas under the name Skyy Infusions, as well as a line of lower proof vodkas designed to be used as craft cocktail substitutes called Skyy Barcraft. 750 ML . Skyy Vodka contains the least impurities among the major brands and is the leading domestic premium vodka in the United States. The formula for Skyy came from a chemist after inventing a new distillation technique that removes unwanted by-products that cause hangover and bad taste. Examining the Risks and Benefits of Alcohol, Five Tips to Improve Your Alcohol Tolerance. Drink it right away for the best experience, and add a couple teaspoons of olive juice for a dirty version. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 1 L . Skyy vodka taste is pure smoothness comparing to other vodkas from this class. SkyyBarcraft flavors include White Sangria, Watermelon Fresca, and Margarita Lime. For many vodka soda drinkers, Stoli is the old standby. The vodka is distilled four times in column stills and then triple filtered. Skyy Infusions are Skyy’s line of flavored vodka products. While the process has been updated since then, the ingredients remain much the same. If it is, it’s on the lower end of the spectrum if it gets warm. Skyy Vodka 1.75L, USA. Frank-Lin would have a railcar tanker of ethanol and a railcar tanker of deionized filtered water delivered to their railyard. Since SKYY was born out of the need to craft the perfect martini, we recommend you start there. Skyy Vodka is bottled at 40% ABV in the USA. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Shake four ounces of SKYY vodka in a metal shaker with lots of ice until it is chilled, then pour into a martini glass and garnish with olives. This drink will also work wonderfully with other fresh fruits and Skyy Infusions flavors. Initially, Skyy vodka production was outsourced to Frank-lin distillers in San Jose California. 1 L . PRICE. The Skyy Infusions line includes Cherry, Georgia Peach, Citrus, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Sun-Ripened Watermelon, and Wild Strawberry. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Experiment to see what you most prefer! They call it super-premium. SKYY vodka is originally manufactured by the Campari America division of Campari Group of Milan, Italy, formerly SKYY Spirits LLC. Skyy Vodka tasting notes and price. Simply mix some of your chosen Skyy Barcraft flavors with soda water and ice. SkyyBarcraft flavors include White Sangria, Watermelon Fresca, and Margarita Lime. Skyy Vodka starts with selection of the finest American grains, goes through a four step distillation process in order to remove anything extra standing between you and a fresh, clean cocktail, and as a final step in process with an innovative triple filtration process using real California limestone. Beyond the bottle and what’s in it, Skyy is known as a progressive company. 1 L (15) ... Skyy Vodka Vanilla 70 Proof. Skyy Vodka Pricing. Below are the latest Skyy prices. Available in a number of basic flavors, as well as a few more adventurous ones, Stoli is a good alternative to Skyy, especially if you don’t mind paying a dollar or two more. Some other flavors which have been discontinued or produced in limited batches include Honeycrisp Apple, Coastal Cranberry, Ginger, Coconut, Pacific Blueberry, Moscato Grape, Passionfruit, Texas Grapefruit, Tropical Mango, Berry, Grape, Vanilla, Orange,  and Vanilla Bean. The goal here is to get a thick egg white foam on your finished cocktail, which is why I suggest a reverse dry shake. Garnish with a high five. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Water that is used during the distillation process is the local Californian water. Skyy is distilled using wheat and marketed based on the claim that it has almost no congeners, or hangover causing substances, in its product. Skyy … If you’re looking for a flavored bottle no longer produced by Skyy it’s likely that a similar flavor is still being made by Pinnacle. In 2015, Skyy ran a “Toast to Marriage” marketing campaign to promote marriage equality. 94 points- Wine Enthusiast " This flavorful, reasonably priced vodka reads almost like a light gin, from the citrusy, juniper-like scent to the zingy anise and coriander notes. Check out their Stoli Hot pepper vodka for a serious upgrade to your bloody mary. PRICE. 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