Plush seating space with cushions for added comfort. Under the domain of heavy-duty recliners for big men, this recliner has a class of its own. So you end up tired, uncomfortable and utterly disappointed. The Catnapper Magnum Chaise Rocker Recliner at Amazon is good option if you’re looking for a neutral color to fit in any home. They will provide you the much-needed comfort and relaxation. The seat is also incredibly long, which makes it a good recliner chair for tall … What makes this one of the best recliners for tall man is its seat height of about 22 inches, which can comfortably accommodate a person with a height of 6 foot 2 inches. Getting the right recliner for a tall person saves them much of the hassles. You can get this recliner in black or saddle brown color. Bestseller No. Nice, plush and spacious which makes it an apt recliner for tall guys. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Examine the length, scope and terms and conditions of the warranty before making a purchase for assurance in case your recliner turns out to be defective or malfunctions. The space becomes a goldmine because after the day’s tiresome work, you need to sprawl properly in a recliner. Look for the recliner chairs which can provide you the kind of comfort you are looking for. It only comes in one colour, which does not go well with most home décor and furniture. postulated above. Your recliner will come with a long-term warranty. Review the replacement and refund policy and the possibility of extending the coverage. Assembly takes less than an hour and does not require special skills or tools. The backrest can be adjusted to various reclining levels for additional comfort by using the lever on the right side of the seat. I am 5’4” and in the reclining position the back did not support my head. Plan yourself well in time. In this case, best choice would be Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19 Torino Rocker Recliner which can accommodate up to 500 pounds. As one of the best leather recliners for a big and tall man, it is equipped to accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight and the back and seat are tall at 27 inches and 20 inches to fit you comfortably and support your head, neck and legs. Fully extended the unit is 68″, which makes it a comfortable choice for people tall people up to just over 6-foot in height. The Lane Stallion Comfort King Recliner at Amazon is one of our favorite options for tall men and women. When fully reclined, it is the size of a king-size mattress. As one of the best recliners for a big and tall man, this model is covered in soft fabric that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. In terms of the weight limit, this chair supports up to 300 pounds. These chairs are gorgeous and, I really wanted them to work for me, but, they really did not. The seat can fit most body sizes and, at a height of 20.5 inches, is high enough to accommodate long legs. You are now The one drawback to this one that some people might have is that you might not like the color that it comes in. Granted, you can’t be too choosy when it is this difficult to find a chair that you comfortably fit in. Its extra-large size is truly inviting and accommodative. Fully Reclined Depth - Front to Back: 73'', Fully Reclined Depth - Front to Back: 59.5'', Fully Reclined Depth - Front to Back: 68'', Fully Reclined Depth - Front to Back: 70''. It is big enough to accommodate two people and its material made with 100 percent lush leather. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It is Ideally, a back that is at least 20 inches high should be your starting point. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift Recliner, 6. The backing of a chair is important for anyone to sit comfortably and tall people know that it can be difficult to find a suitable chair because of the short backings that are common. It is one of the best big and tall power lift recliners. It is available in black or saddles brown colour in leather, and the design makes it a good leather recliner for tall man. For example, the kind of comfort you get is first-class. Brilliantly boxy profile and wide track arms infuse a highly contemporary look you don’t often find in reclining furniture.