Heat Oil for frying the Puris over medium heat. Just roll it up and enjoy or may be tea along side. You’ve tempted me to make them for tomorrow lunch. Spread 1/2 tablespoon of oil all over and let this dough rest for 10 minutes. You can make this methi puri and these methi puris can be preserved to last a couple of days, and eat as snack with tea or as mains with other curries. Required fields are marked *. There are few things one need to keep in mind to get best puffed puri. Special Diet / Occasions / Festivals / Seasonal, Bhatura (Without oil in dough or Baking pwd in dough), Whole Wheat Palak Naan #BreadBakers (Whole Wheat Spinach Flatbread), Aloo Toast Sandwich | Potato Toast Sandwich, Whole wheat Vegetarian Calzones #BreadBakers, Easy Green Tomato Chutney (Preserve Garden Harvest), Roasted Poha Chivda (Flattened Rice Trail Mix). Repeat the process with the rest of the dough balls. Rest the procedure is similar to Masala Puri. When put into the hot oil they swell up with air and puff up into a balloon-type form. The result was some fresh methi leaves which got used up for these poori. You can also pair it with anything sweet like aamras or mango rasayana or kesari. Cute and well done poori :) http://youtoocancookindianfood.blogspot.in/, tempting and yummy puris...Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen, cute and delicious poori..very well puffed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Fry the Poori on medium high heat. Let it come up and then with the back of your spatula, slowly tap it. As you all know I love sneaking veggies in any food I can. Heat enough oil in a wok and make small lemon sized balls from the dough and roll to make pooris. I had puri’s planned for my dinner. Replies. This helps in puffing the puri’s. I am even prepared for shorter duration like say 1-2 hrs, as when you travel with kids you don’t know when they get hungry. Take one ball and roll it into a nice, smooth round ball with the palm of your hands and press it flat. To go on trips and day picnic’s and enjoy some yummy food, like this Fresh Methi Puri (Poori). If you need something more chatpata spread some pickle and you are good to go. Thanks for the use-oil-for-rolling tip; itsa keeper. I finely chopped them and added to my dough. I have been drooling over these puris since you posted the pic, Renu. Love the addition of methi. Please Note: Unauthorized use and/or duplication of content or photos from this website is strictly prohibited without written consent from the author. They are originally a north Indian food, but the poori and bhaji combo is something that has travelled the length and breadth of India. Here is a simple recipe to make it. Put 1 tbsp water and let it cook. Indian cooking is incomplete with out Puri. It will taste better. I too packed these methi pooris while travelling time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Add flour, salt and oil together in a large bowl. It is no rocket science to make these methi puri, rather I should phrase that it is easy peasy lemon squeezy to make Puri. Those puffed up beauties are indeed such a greatly versatile dish. Dip the puri in hot oil. Never miss a recipe! Sharing some pictures of homegrown methi/menthya soppu/fenugreek leaves. how nice.. Methi Puri – Puri with Fenugreek Leaves | YourFoodFantasy.com. Let it come up and then with the back of your spatula, slowly tap it. Your email address will not be published. In Bangalore, this is one the most popular breakfast varieties..of course after idlis & kharabath :)..On weeks, when we stay off rice ( ya, we go into sudden no rice modes), Puri's become our special weekend breakfast.. 1.Wheat flour/ Atta - 2 cups ( I use Multigrain atta) + a lil extra for dusting, 1. After the rest time, knead the dough once again and divide the dough into small balls. Disclosure: Some of the links mentioned on this page are affiliate links. fry on low flame till the methi puri floats. Pooris come in all sorts of flavours and methi poori is a special one. Firstly so that less amount of wheat flour can be dusted on the puris while rolling. When the dough is ready, make small balls out of it around 1 inch in diameter. Travel food should be easy to make and should retain the taste and freshness for at least a few hours. Reply Delete. Remove the Puri and put it on an absorbent paper towel. The dough should be slightly stiff for 2 reasons. It would be done once in a while, if we were having guests home or if amma ran out of tiffin varieties.. In a kadai or deep bottom pan, add oil and let it start heating. They are so perfectly puffed and seem to have just the right thickness. Hard dough allows puri to remain soft for a longer duration. Pooris are eaten with breakfast, lunch or dinner. This will help the Puri to puff up. The dough is then made to small balls and rolled out in small flat circles with a rolling pin, and then fried in hot vegetable oil. Swathi May 27, 2012 at 6:13 PM. Travel friendly snack item. Once the oil is hot start frying the puri’s. So let’s go through How to make Puffy Poori!! Care should be exercised on how you fry Puri. My recipe with tell you tips and tricks to make the perfect golden soft and puffed Puri at home. Puri dough has to be kneaded in a way so that its hard when you press it. Pooris come in all sorts of flavours and methi poori is a special one. I too pack some handy food especially these methi pooris or thepla while travelling, especially here in US when there are very few vegetarian options. The cravings have risen :D, Really look forward to your opinions, comments & suggestions :)...Glad you took time to say something on my dish..Its a yay! imagine the amount of pains we take to save them in winter. Although the good old. Do not keep on turning it upside down again and again, it is not needed. Methi Puri – Puri with Fenugreek Leaves | Your Food Fantasy. The little ball of dough should go to the bottom and then after a few seconds float to the top of the oil. Fresh and flavourful methi is the key to make flavourful poori. That means, when you use those links to buy products, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Your email address will not be published. Re-blogs and links are allowed where clear credit is given and directed to the original content. Let’s learn How to make Puffy Poori Step by Step with my tips and you will always end up with those puffed up golden beauties. Once the dough is ready, smear a couple of drops of remaining Oil coat it. Pooris come in all sorts of flavours and methi poori is a special one. (Note: The dough should be hard enough for making pooris, so add water only if required). Now add the methi leaves and rub the dough in it so that it is well incorporated. Learn how your comment data is processed. With much difficulty in this sun starved place I live in, I grew fresh methi by the conservatory door (to soak in some sun at least). But, I advice you to go through detailed recipe for a few tips !! Puri/Poori is unleavened Indian bread made of wheat flour that is soft yet chewy. I am just waiting for this winter to get over, and spring to start. Everyone loves them adults and children alike, they have some sort of magnetic force. Your email address will not be published. The puffed up pooris loo so good and tempting. It even goes well with tea. This will help the Puri to puff up. Divide the dough into equal parts and make round balls of it. To make slightly healthier Puris, add spinach puree or any vegetable puree or even lentils into the dough and fry it in healthier oil, like canola oil. We love travelling by road and the most important question a planner has to think about after the stay and the route details is travel food. Methi puri is tasty, thanks to the taste of fenugreek. 05/06/2020 12:03:57 PM vindhyadesai. So reverse it if the underside is cooked. The oil is then ready. The puris are usually made smaller than chapattis and a little thicker so they can puff up. This methi puri is vegan and gluten-free. Wow! Once puffed reverse it and let it cook on the other side. Prepare a batch & keep aside. Puffed Methi (fenugreek) puris to lift your mood, pair it with any curry and a beautiful meal is created.