There are very few guitar players who actually choose to get their guitar pedal or the effects processor painted. When sanding curved edges, only sand in one direction. It can be a real source of frustration to find a dent or chip on your guitar kit’s body or neck. Each instrument is finished with several coats of protective high gloss. Contact me for a specific brand or supply your own to be painted. You should always sand with the grain and not against it. You may even think about applying a few coats of lacquer for giving the surface a finished, shiny look and feel. Let the paint dry out for approximately a day. Your surface should be smooth. A majority of guitar players opt to paint their guitar themselves. About Us. I am working on my first build and just cut the body. You should not let any paint or lacquer get on the frets. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. There are many ways to paint a guitar body, some are simple, some are multi-staged and hard to follow. (Keep the sanding block level). In most cases start with 120 grit course sandpaper. Get advice on which lacquer removal product is best to start with on your particular guitar.If you have experience in painting, which I hope you have, you know the kind of surface you need to get down to. Remove Pickups and ComponentsPut on a single coat of wood finish to the back of the neck and on the headstock. This is a natural process and once the guitar is finished will continue with much finer sandpaper, finishing in some cases with steel wool followed by buffing and polishing to remove the minor scratches from the finer grain paper). Super cool “Crook” Telecaster submitted by Instagram user @matt.hurst03 #bradpaisley #telecaster #guitar Add #studio33guitar to your pics to be featured! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You might have to do it a few times before you get to the stage where you have the confidence to paint the body of a guitar you really treasure.You can buy aerosol cans of paint for car bodies that will do the job on your guitar or you can buy guitar paint in cans that will duplicate your popular Fender or Gibson colors. All of Juleez custom musical instruments may be ordered with your choice of designs, colors and themes. The next step would be removing pickups and the contact plate from the guitar. Use a mixture of bright red, orange, and yellow color paint if you want a sunburst appearance for your guitar. 43 products ... TC SHAPED BODY BLANK 3pc Swamp Ash 2.3 Kg - 516440. Backed it with fabric and hung it on the wall. You will do well to get a face mask and goggles unless you plan on your lungs and eyeballs matching your guitar. However, nowadays, manufacturers are introducing guitars which already have the needed appearance and unique style. If you want to get the guitar components replaced, it is always better to seek professional advice. Spray painting techniques can be used if you want the guitar to have a smooth and shiny finish which would enhance its look. Apply Lacquer and Reinstall Parts After the paint dries out, you finally need to attach the neck to the body, and fix all the parts that you removed before painting. We hope you enjoy this website. Custom Guitar and Bass Necks and Bodies, Pickups, Bridges, Tuners, and Pickguards at Warmoth - The Original Custom Guitar Shop! I used the spray on kind. More. Aspiring guitarists generally get attracted to the many signature models of world-famous guitarists. Bride had an old guitar lying around, painted it silver and used it as her guest book. What I struggle with is knowing when I have sanded enough. As a result, they go to a paint shop and ask for a paint job by referring to the guitar color pattern of the guitarist they like. ). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Shop the Guitar Collection for some of my favorite designs or contact me to design a custom guitar. Disclaimer: Guitar Kit World ( is not affiliated with Gibson Brands Inc., Fender Musical Instruments Corporation or PRS Guitars. You might even need to additionally sand the surface using a fine grit sandpaper. The purpose of sanding is to create an ideal surface for finishing and to do this we need to create a smooth surface. Simply give it another light sand using your fine grit (320 grit) sandpaper. CITES INFO. This isn't going to provide you a detailed finish but will set you on the right path to achieve this with your finer grit sandpaper. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Before you use the spray gun and paint, ensure that you are familiar with using the tool in the correct manner. Once satisfied you have removed any blemishes change over to 220 grit sandpaper which is mainly about removing the minor scratch marks from the 120 grit. **Assembly / Fitting / build / Set Up are the responsibility of the buyer. Fill out your e-mail to get monthly updates: Lisa Taylor & Trace Adkins Present T. Boone Pickens With A. Stay safe –>. Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Guest Book Guitar. Don't send your guitar to anybody, without checking us out first. Copyright © Art Hearty &, Inc. You took great care on your sanding and now you need to do a careful priming job. Only $375.00 FREE SHIPPING!! Ensure that you coat both sides evenly, and then allow the primer to dry out for one whole day. (HOWEVER WE DO NOT OFFER EVH STRIPED FINISHES IN RED/BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW or BLUE.) Ensure that the body is completely fine on both sides, and then wipe away the sawdust from the surface. Stay safe –>, ⚠️ Due to the COVID-19 shipping delays may occur. Just like in a recording studio it's much more difficult to fix a problem down the track so take the time, be patient and you will achieve a great result. Below you’ll see some examples of the different types of custom guitar paint jobs we have done. Nut widths starting from 1.55" (39mm) and wider. Guitar Finishing 101: The Highlighted Grain & Stain Finish, Some Important Guitar Finishing Safety Tips That You Must Follow. Sanding a Guitar Body Prior to Painting November 11, 2018 Guitar Kit World In the following article, we're going to cover some of the basics of guitar sanding. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at (All other guitar picks shown in the product pictures are not included). Apply a smooth and even coat.