We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 16,117 times. Built-in Magnetic Swivel Mirror, Multi-Compartment Storage Cut another pair of boards to fit vertically on both sides of the drywall opening. Meanwhile, reach for the spirit level, placing it on top of the cabinet (assuming there’s a ledge; if not, simply hold it against the top edge.) <<1936B9A8B65F7B4DB0A59E3A43FE7375>]/Prev 684781>> Read on to learn how to install a medicine cabinet that mounts to the wall (as opposed to being recessed into the space between wall studs behind the drywall or plaster). A medicine cabinet can be heavy — you'll need help supporting and moving it as you work. Insert drywall screws through the predrilled holes in the cabinet to hold it in the blocking. Step 7: Enjoy the Cabinets YOU Built. 0000003907 00000 n If you’ve notched a stud, cut a pair of boards for the bottom of the drywall opening and another pair to frame the top. %PDF-1.7 %���� Then, go into the attic and look at the top of the wall joists. 0000002285 00000 n This is an exception to Costco's return policy. This article was co-authored by Jeff Huynh. 0000098909 00000 n The traditional appearance of the Galway medicine cabinet is deceiving. If you can’t line the cabinet up with the wall studs, you’ll need to use plastic anchors when you drill pilot holes. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 28. It takes little time and only a pencil and drill to install a surface-mounted medicine cabinet, which you simply screw onto a wall. Welcome to Ove Decors. Try to line up the cabinet with studs for the best support. Add beauty and storage to your bath by installing a medicine cabinet. 10 $182.90 $182.90. This article was co-authored by Jeff Huynh. startxref 0000021565 00000 n 0000027404 00000 n All rights reserved. Jeff Huynh is the General Manager of Handyman Rescue Team, a full service solution in home services, renovations, and repair in the Greater Seattle area. 0000098399 00000 n A magnetic organizer allows you to conveniently store and access small items you use in your daily routine. single-door Carlow bathroom medicine cabinet from OVE adds a stylish yet functional motif to your bathroom. If your studs are intact and your cabinet outline is square with them, just cut two boards to fit between the studs at the bottom and top. The design you love. For manufacturer warranty information, please contact us. On the wall, pencil an X-mark to correlate with each one of the installation holes that you identified on the cabinet. We are dedicated to producing fine bathroom products for the discerning individual. 30” AND WIDER CABINETS. Use a utility knife and coarse file to fix any tight spots, like bits of protruding drywall or wall stud. Shop by cabinet height. OVE Decors Langa Medicine Cabinet 20.1 W x 5.1 D x 26 H 0000003315 00000 n Soft-Close Door Hinges, Removable Glass Shelving Tread carefully here; if the drilled holes are too large, then chances are the cabinet is going to wobble. %%EOF 0000003066 00000 n Even if you’re new to home improvement, installing a medicine cabinet makes for an excellent do-it-yourself project. Always use extreme caution when you're cutting into a bathroom wall. Additional Tips • Temporarily tape the door (or doors) closed so as to safeguard against damage caused during installation. STEP 2 Next, position the medicine cabinet flush to the wall, approximately where you are planning to install it. Your cabinet might have come with plastic washers or covers to fit over the installation holes. Since bathroom walls often conceal a warren of pipes and wires, it’s only prudent to make sure you won’t accidentally disturb any vital conduits of water or electricity (in the worst case, such a mistake could bring about extensive, expensive damage to your home). Step 1. He has over five years of handyman experience. The units themselves are often dual-mount, which allows you to choose between both options. He has a BS in Business Administration from the San Francisco State University and his Certificate in Industrial Electronics Technology from North Seattle College. Having a helper to hold the cabinet in place for you will make the job easier. 22” TO 29” WIDE CABINETS . © 1998 — 2016 Costco Wholesale Corporation. Surface-mounting is often best if you have concrete, plaster over lath or poured plaster walls because of the difficulty of cutting through these materials. 0000096483 00000 n FREE Shipping by Amazon. Choose one that is wall-mounted—rather than inset—and the project becomes even easier to tackle. MATERIALS AND TOOLS Available on Amazon – Pipe locator – Flushmounted medicine cabinet with fixings – Spirit level – Pencil – Drill – Screwdriver. To check, first, use a stud finder that also detects electrical. Wall Mounted or Recessed Installation. If weren’t able to line the installation holes up with the wall studs, insert plastic anchors into your pilot holes. 16” AND NARROWER CABINETS. • Don’t worry about the pencil marks remaining visible post-installation. Use a flashlight to look into hole and inspect the area where you want to cut your recess. Check to see if there are any drain pipes or water pipes going in there. And the last step is to install the door hinges. To create the recess, hold the cabinet in place, trace its outline, and cut an opening in the drywall to match the cabinet outline. 17” TO 21” WIDE CABINETS. Check your cabinet’s installation guide for specific information about these or any other included hardware. This article has been viewed 16,117 times. xref 0000012027 00000 n H�\�͊�@E�y�Zv/�����l���0��l8�x�v*����M�c�Cͩi�!^��PEs��� So long as the “coast is clear”, you can proceed. trailer This article has been viewed 16,117 times. 0000003179 00000 n �C�P�h�h]��Ѻx��3Y�],]�.�.BK�������E�b�"t�t�X�]�t3�C�)왆�i����c]a]Ǻʺ#��a�9�#��b�0R�F���H1r)F#�HH���t!ݓ.�{҅tO���I�=�B�']H��t~[�o+��YWX׳���g]a]Ϻʺ�u�u�*~?�/��������S�~�_�O��)~? Recess-mounted medicine cabinets take a bit more work, but they take up less space, are usually deeper than surface-mounted units and are suitable for walls made of paneling or drywall. STEP 6 Position the cabinet back on the wall, matching its top and bottom edges to the pencil lines you drew in Step 3. $79.10 $ 79. Don’t attach them tightly until you are satisfied the cabinet is precisely where you want it. 0000003031 00000 n Hold the cabinet in place and use a level to make sure it’s perfectly straight, then open the doors and mark the installation holes. Choose your language to begin. 0000001256 00000 n 4.7 out of 5 stars 866. If you’re concerned there may be pipes or wires behind the wall, consult a professional before you attempt this task. Add storage to your bathroom—and in the process, give the space a jolt of fresh style—by installing a medicine cabinet. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. endstream endobj 45 0 obj <>stream Install the two bottom screws to fully secure the cabinet to the wall. 0000015157 00000 n Once it's mounted, the cabinet might make the area harder to patch, prime, and paint. 0000017298 00000 n Tobacco products cannot be returned to Costco Business Delivery or any Costco warehouse. You agree that BobVila.com may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. 0000002435 00000 n The minimalist mirror door hides 3 adjustable shelves and stays shut with a magnetic strip. 0000009162 00000 n You'll need to patch the screw heads before installing the medicine cabinet. 7 Fixes for an Old Medicine Cabinet, 6 Simple Bathroom Storage Tips and Tricks, Bob Vila Radio: Replacing a Medicine Cabinet. Styled to suit smaller vanities. 0000004160 00000 n Find OVE brand collections in-store and online at major U.S. and Canadian retailers, showrooms and home improvement centres. Check its installation guide if you have these or any additional hardware. 0000096393 00000 n