We imagine, create and manufacture the highest quality solid and liquid colorants,color masterbatches and advanced polymeradditives for your plastic products. YYMM = Yellow and Magenta, as Red as you can get. The color description column: gives a general idea of the pigments color, but note that pigment color can vary widely. RCW#1.6.1 Thank You! Holcolac CC Provides a variety of coloring options to compliment the superior performance of Silres®. & sq. MMMC, Dioxazine Purple, Carbazole, Warm, PV23, Mass-tone, Transparent, RCW#18.0 Mussini Permanent Green Light, Opaque. YYYY, Hansa Yellow, Monoazo Yellow, PY-74, Translucent, RCW#1.00.6 The wedges are numbered from 1 to 36, representing 360º. Embedded videos The website of Holland Colours NV is able to use YouTube to embed videos. Cobalt Violet, PV49, Opaque Cool Magenta, RCW#10.5.22 I have added links to references when known as (Ref). In the past some common historical mixtures were given CI Generic Names, but that is not usually done anymore. *When known, blue wool scale ratings will be given for tints in the following format: Full;1/2 tint/;1/4 tint (i.e. RCW#1.3.5 II = Very Good, should show no signs of change for 50–100 years Select the Color Index Name Abbreviation Below: NY 2 NY 3 NY 6 NY8 NY 10. PY 194 PY 200 PY 203 PY 204 PY 207 PY213 PY 216 PY 219 PY 223 PY 224 PY 226 PY227, Bile Yellow Jarosite Lead-Tin Antimony Yellow Lead-tin Yellow type I Lead-tin yellow type II Limonite Mori Yellow Basic Mercury Sulfate Pararealgar Platina Yellow Safflower Tungsten Yellow, PO 1 PO 2 PO 3 PO 5 PO 13 PO 16 PO 17 PO 17:1 PO 20 PO 20:1 PO 21 PO 21:1 PO 22 PO 23 PO 23:1 PO31 PO 34 PO 36 PO 38 PO 40 PO 41 PO 43 PO 45 PO 46 PO 47 PO 48 PO 49 PO 51 PO 52 PO 53 PO 59 PO 60 PO 61 PO 62 PO 64 PO 65 PO 66 PO 67 PO 68 PO 69 PO 71 PO 72 PO 73 PO 74 PO 75 PO 77 PO 78 PO 79 PO 80 PO 81 PO 82 PO85 PO84 PO 86, Antimony Orange Chamotte Cosmoray Orange IRGAZIN Orange 2037 Kibeni Orange Lead-tin Orange MayaCrom Orange OR2800 Mineral Orange Realgar, NR 1. In addition, it is worthy to note that some pigments generally said to have poor light fastness have been found hundreds of years later seemly bright as the day they were created. The center links to the photo pigment color chip chart page. For example; different manufactures have substituted the terms "Primary Blue", "Lapis Lazuli", "Permanent Blue", and even "Cobalt Blue Hue" for the pigment most often known as "Ultramarine Blue" or Pigment Blue 29. Industry-standard and customized colorants, visual effects and masterbatches for coloring rigid and flexible PVC. The pigments hue or shade is often used to name paints instead of the pigment used. Beautiful eye-catching functional colors and additives for high-performance branded and other packaging. Historically "Lapis Lazuli" is correctly used only for the natural pigment derived from the semi-precious stone of the same name, but I have seen some manufacturers who have labeled the much cheaper synthetic PB29 as "Lapis Lazuli". Gamboge Lake Extra, organic, Translucent. V = Fugitive or very poor, will show changes in 2 years or less People also love these ideas Use for waterborne paints and coatings, adhesives, liquid soaps, windshield wash and antifreeze. See them. Artists interested in making paint in the studio should find this information useful too. Schmincke Mussini Chrome Yellow Orange Lead Chromate, PY34, Opaque, RCW#2.3 l  RCW#33.6 The oil absorption will be most useful to oil painters in determining the drying time and is also useful reference those experimenting in making their own oil paints. n Use for transparent and opaque applications. C l i c k a b l e A r t i s t s R e a l C o l o r W h e e l: f i n d m a t c h i n g p i g m e n t s RCW#1.3.5,  Old Holland Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra, Dioxine Nickel Complex, Isindolin, dual-toned Transparent. Round granulates, based on a polymeric carrier. Web Site Hosting: HostMonster Unlimited everything only $6.95/month. Liquid colorants for silicone sealants, comprising three versions for different applications covering building and construction, injection molding silicone rubbers and extrusion and hot press molding of silicone rubber. Old Holland knows Watercolor paints! Holcopearl® is a great colorant for ABS, flexible PVC applications, polyolefins and PET. The center links to the photo pigment color chip chart page. Etc. I can not cover every possible paint, binder, or pigment formulation in this chart as it would take too much time and space. Our Holcolac CC range provide proven coloring solutions for concrete flooring. Use for transparent and highly opaque applications. Whether an artist uses oil paints, watercolor or acyclic, knowing the pigments and their properties is essential for all the visual arts from oil painting, watercolors or acrylics, to printing, and indeed, any craft or art that uses color. Pigment artists, don't miss it! One example of a pigment mixture with a C.I. The free art eBook page is also a valuable reference. Holcolex A is a proven coloring solution for acrylic sealants. Most of the information in the Pigment Database was collected from the pigment specifications published by the manufacturers or art material suppliers. If carelessly handled, the fine particles of dry pigments could be inhaled, or spread to other areas. Holland Colours reserves the right to take action against any infringer and to recover the costs thereof. I hope that all oil painters, watercolor painters & acrylic painters, teachers and all the creative arts or crafts that use color, will find the pigment Colour Index charts useful. Gamboge Lake Extra, organic, Translucent. The CI chemical constitution numbers and the chemical names, and pigment composition: These have specific meaning indicating chemical composition. Dutch cookie legislation states that visitors to Dutch websites must give their permission for the use of cookies. Blockx Venetian Red Warm, Synthetic Iron Oxide, PR101, Opaque, RCW#7.9 Find options. index name is Pigment Green 15, abbreviated PG15.