This is to be achieved by hands on experience in the rural health centres, the urban health centres,  primary health centres including district hospital and community health centre.A log book is being maintained by the PG students day to day and the same is counter signed by the faculty members. Who shall recognize the health needs of the community and carry out professional obligations ethically in keeping with the objectives of the national health policy; Who shall master most of the competencies, pertaining to Microbiology that are required to be practiced at the secondary and the tertiary levels of the health care delivery system; Who shall be aware of the contemporary advances and developments in Microbiology, Who shall have acquired the spirit of scientific inquiry and is oriented to the principles of research methodology and epidemiology, Who shall have acquired the basic skills of teaching of the medical and paramedical professionals. Preventive and Ergonomic approach using Patient education charts and demonstrations of biomechanical grasping, carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling and reaching techniques. The department is fully equipped with ultra modern equipments and has excellent state of art e-labs( computer assisted learning and alternative to animal experimentation ), clinical pharmacology, pharmacy and experimental; labs and a fully equipped library and museum housing several charts, models and specimen of drugs with proper catalogues. To provide excellence in advanced Level III neonatal intensive care, with support from the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. The National Institute of Medical Sciences & Research and hospital meets recognized standard of excellence in education and has modern facilities to explore, practice, and achieve the highest standards in professional skills. A log book is being maintained by the PG students day to day and the same is counter signed by the faculty members. All Rights Reserved by National Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Jaipur, National Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Jaipur, Department of Respiratory Medicine (Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases), Department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy (Skin & VD). The department offers the following specialty services. The objective of the department is to develop skills as self directed learner, recognize, continuing educational needs, use appropriate recourses and critically analyze published literature in order to practice evidence based Otorhinolaryngology. The students are trained in all disciplines and subdivisions of anatomy i.e. The performance of the postgraduate students during the training period is monitored throughout the course and duly recorded in the log books. To recognize to key importance of mental health in context of the health priority of the country. Eye OPD is fully equipped with ophthalmic examination chairs, slit lamp microscopes, A-scan, B-scan, Applanation Tonometer, Synaptophore, Hess screen, Goldmann’s automated perimeter, Zeiss Corneal Topographer, Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Topcon Autorefractometer with keratometer, Nidek YAG laser, Slit lamp with camera & slit lamp with fundus camera & with one MOT & EYE OT equipped with operating microscope. Post-graduate training (MD) course in Pediatrics. To provide effective management in  orthopaedic conditions such as deformities correction in poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy, CTEV. Indoor facilities for males and females patients. Compromise teaching schedule for PG students for acquisition of theory and practical competencies to dealing routine and emergency situations in the field of respiratory medicine. Intensive neonatal care unit has both Aseptic NICU & Septic NICU. Our collaborative practice of gastroenterologists and endoscopists is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of all digestive … The main aim of department of microbiology is to train students of medicine in the field medical microbiology.