Kidney beans contain the most, with around 8 grams of protein per 100g serve (and around 10 grams of fibre!). Pineapple. Mix desired spices with ground turkey and roll into balls; add desired spices to sauce and cook meatballs in sauce until done. Carbohydrate free and packed with protein, Greek yogurt will quickly become a favorite muscle-building snack. 4. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Load up your shopping trolley with our best muscle food picks. All rights reserved. Pork tenderloin is a boneless cut of meat from the loin, which runs from the hip to the shoulder of the pig. Cortisol competes with testosterone in your muscle cells, so essentially less stress results in better gains. Men's Health, Part of the Hearst UK Wellbeing Network. This nutrient is important for testosterone production and also helps your body to recover quicker from exercise. Beef (From Grass-Fed Cattle) Beef is important for building lean muscle due to its protein content, cholesterol, zinc, B vitamins and iron content. Ezekiel bread is made from organic sprouted whole grains. And nutrition means protein. If you find yourself struggling to get enough calories and protein just from whole foods, supplements such as whey protein can help you to reach your daily caloric needs. Eggs. Don’t be fooled by the name, buckwheat bears no relation to wheat. Oysters may not be the best-known muscle food, but being packed with upwards of 20 grams of protein (and just five grams of fat) in every 100g, they have an impressive nutritional profile.℠ and BodySpace® are trademarks of Back to animal sources. If you're trying to gain size, you can spend two hours in the weight room, hammering out set after set, but it won't mean much if you aren't eating a muscle-focused diet.Size gains come from two foundational actions: tearing the muscle down with training, and building it back up with nutrition. But these fibrous foods are essential for a healthy gut – something you depend on to absorb the nutrients, minerals and supplements required to carve lean muscle. Milk contains both whey and casein and is rich in the amino acid glutamine. Now that you know how much you need to eat, here are the best animal- and plant-based foods you can enjoy after your workout to help you achieve your muscle-building goals. It is the richest … Since protein-rich foods contain the most amino acids, the building blocks of muscle tissue, we'll focus on the healthiest foods with the highest protein per 100-gram (3.5 ounce) serving. Sleep repairs your muscles up to a point; after a few hours a fasting element kicks in, and your body begins breaking muscle down to use as energy. Missing out on vitamin E can cause muscle weakness and leg cramps, while inadequate vitamin A intake can result in dizziness, nausea, muscle and joint pain, and even loss of balance. You can cook them in bulk and interchange them throughout the week for lunches or dinners. Spinach is a good source of glutamine, the amino acid that is important for lean muscle growth. But further research into the role of … Sign Up to Fuel, Our New Food Delivery Service, Take a Look Inside Our New December Issue, Shop The Best Fitness Deals for Black Friday 2020, How to Smash Your First Ever Home Workout, Sign Up to The Men's Health Newsletter Today, The Best Way to Lose Weight and Build Muscle, Nutrition Secrets Of A World Champion Bodybuilder, The Best Protein Sources (and Recipes) For Vegans, The Unexpected Benefit of a High Protein Diet, The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Your Macros, How To Build Muscle While You're Working Away, The Complete Routine to Burn Fat and Build Muscle, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. It increases insulin sensitivity in your muscles, allowing them to make optimal use of glucose, amino acids and nutrients. Quinoa is one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids, with the added benefit of fibre, magnesium, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, potassium, iron… the list goes on. When trying to gain lean muscle during a rigorous exercise program, a good rule of thumb is to shoot for an intake of about 13-15 calories per pound of bodyweight, so adjust up or down depending on your weight. Oatmeal Can Help You Lose Weight. Many plant foods must be mixed to form a complete protein; for example, eating brown rice with peas. While the ultimate fate of those calories is decided largely by genetics, various lifestyle factors have a say, too. Plant-based alternatives are also a dependable choice – when it comes to packing on muscle, switching whey protein for rice protein yields identical results, according to a study published in the journal EC Nutrition. Tofu, tempeh, and most vegetarian meat alternatives are made out of soy, which boasts around 36 grams per 100g serve.