Option 3 details: Here, you remove the dependency on the immobilizer completely. Total posts: 1775 Last post: Jan 2, 2020. They contacted Don and got a new ECU. Option 2 details: For this, you de-install your 5AS unit and send it to a shop to have it programmed with fobs. David includes a better, more durable fob too (called the MT2). Login with your E-Mail Address. //www.shopminiusa.com/PRODUCT/517/MINI-ALARM-SYSTEM?CenterId=4677805. We contacted Kev at Remobilise Ltd in Swansea and he sorted it via the post. This is a lucky thing for us Mini owners as immobilizer “locksmiths” were needed after Rover went away. Fantastic! As you have probably guessed, this category rating is achieved by upgrading a category 2 system with the addition of an electronic car alarm. Neither of the two MINIs I had (2002 MCS and 2008 Clubman-S) came with an alarm, but both had the remote lock/unlock which only flashed the turn signals/hazards. I figured out how to check the frequency of a 17TN fob. I seem to recall some of the earlier models had a "dealer installed factory accessory" alarm system available, but heard it was not very popular and got dropped. From reviews, mods, accessories, reliability concerns and more, this Mini Owners Club is full of info! You’ll need to find, buy, and install a replacement bypass board. Of course, the downside is that you won’t be able to drive while the 5AS is out. Later MINI's after 2004 have an orange LED on the right arm instead to indicate when washer fluid is low and the Red alarm LED (if factory alarm fitted) was moved to the end of the left indicator arm. This is the Epcos R2701 resonator and you can find the datasheet by doing a google search for “epcos 2701”. Will you help/guide me to a solution to this issue? We love our mini! Generally speaking, the MINIs came only with "keyless entry" (ie: remote unlock/lock) not a factory alarm system. Rover made several cars during this time and many were equipped with the Lucas 5AS (or similar) units. Do you have any idea what this “fast blinking” dashboard light mean? Guess what. Is there a certain button combination to enable one? It had the immobilizer system and the main ECU blew up. In the dash near the radio. I have a Rover Mini and having some issue starting my car. If you discover how these pods are made, please let me know and I will share with the Rover Mini owners group. when I push the button. However, I learned there are solutions if you lose your fob or otherwise destroy the fob (eg. Its got a lucas alarm and immobiser year 1997. Use at own risk. The owner before me had the car loaded - I would be shocked if he didn't get the alarm when he had it built. What can you do if you lose (or destroy) your fob? Option 1 details: Some shops in the UK (aka immobilizer locksmiths) who work on the 5AS sell a small programming “pod” that simply plugs into the diagnostics port of your Mini and puts the 5AS in “learn” mode. Note, if your 5AS doesn’t respond to your fob, the fix may be simple (don’t assume that programming is needed): Most of the systems run on 433MHz (433.92 to be exact). JavaScript is disabled. One advantage of this option is you may have more choice of vendors and therefore an opportunity to get a lower price. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. It has been completely dead after that. And remember, if you ever sell your Rover Mini, these measures will be useful to the new owner. The fobs themselves are never “programmed”. The car sat for about two weeks and when I went to unlock it and start it up the alarm went off and I couldn't get to cut off. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the COVID related issues your order may take longer than usual to arrive. Please contact me if you have more information or corrections! Correct, no chirp w/out alarm when locking or unlocking. Join our Mini Cooper Forums to talk about your new Mini. Your Login Failed. This is what I was told by a very respected Mini expert. Of course your MINI may have a non standard or part non standard alarm system fitted I suppose. It’s possible that this happened when the radio was installed (I don’t have the stock radio). This is an excellent feature because it means you won’t have to reprogram the 5AS when you lose the MT2 fob. It suddenly started working again! The Original black box (5AS?) And if that fails, try searching and posting on the forums listed below. Opened up the fob to look for shorts etc. Open the fob case, prying carefully starting at the edge with the keyring hole. The always very helpful Bend-A-Light flashlight. So just be aware. Earlier MINI's fitted with the factory alarm have a Red LED on the end of the right hand wiper control stalk. This is because Rover no longer exists and the ’97-’00 Rover Minis were not exported to the US. This is a permanent bypass, so don’t count on your 5AS ever going back to normal immobilizer mode again. Can you hepl me with it? Mini Estate. I know Mini has an alarm that can be put on..(//www.shopminiusa.com/PRODUCT/517/MINI-ALARM-SYSTEM?CenterId=4677805) ... Is there a way I can tell if my mini has it on it? I have found these options: Before we go into the details of each option, some Q&A: What do you mean by program the 5AS to “accept one or more fobs”? The bypass board works by sending a secure code to the Mini’s main ECU at ignition time. Got slight panic after reading how difficult this could be to fix. Where is the 5AS unit in the Rover Mini? Press the lock button 4 to 8 times next to the vehicle, then press the unlock button once. Cars in Garage: 0 Photos: 0 WorkBench Posts: 0. Try your spare. How do you reset the immobilizer system? The pod is configured to work only once (or only a certain number of times depending on how much you pay). And, even if they tried to part it out, I would probably recognize some of the parts.....Anyhow, I've grown weary of seeing these yuppies in BMW's walk away from their car and lock it up (chirping) with an over the shoulder push of the keyfob. Nothing else was wrong. NOTE: The pod did not work with my Rover Mini (I tried two different pods, one pod was definitely good because it was used by David on a car immediately before mine). So, any help from all you electronic gadgets guys? Is there a way to activate/deactivate the alarm? Update 2012/04/19: I have just learned from the folks at remobilise.co.uk that there is now a way to marry together the ECU with *any* 5AS.