Meiji is the mecca of chocolate in Japan. Science! Even if you’ve just visited I guarantee that you have seen one of their products before. | For example their probio yogurt R-1**. Carl Ojiisan is the well known mascot of Meiji’s snack Curl. While they (hopefully) won't melt at the post office, they'll definitely melt in your mouth. Now I can eat a gummi anglar fish in Japan. Established in 1916, their goal has always been to brighten up people’s lives through their delicious wide range of quality Meiji snacks. The Meiji Chocolate Factory in Osaka isn’t the only of the company’s production centers in Japan, but it is the most unique. Each group starts at a different point of the factory so it will depend on the day what comes next. This Meiji milk chocolate box has 26 individually wrapped milk chocolate blocks with the "Meiji" logo on each one. From there official website: You get to see the chocolate being poured into a depositer for shaping into the classic Meiji Bar shape. Oh man, who doesn't like looking at deep sea fish. Add Your Review. It is a dairy company founded way back in 1917. Get off at JR Settsu-Tonda Station. Legal & Privacy Designed using Magazine Hoot. Meiji is a major candy and chocolate manufacturer in Japan. You can opt to take the tour at one of three time slots on days that tours are scheduled. In the classroom you are greeted by staff and they check your name of the lists of people participating that day. It’s like a modern day Willie Wonka! We are lucky here in Saitama, that not only do we have one, but we have one of the chocolate and snack ones! You can take photos in this room, but not after the video footage has started. Learn how your comment data is processed. After this line you move onto the Twinkle Surprise line which due to the complexity of the product has more human help than the Meiji bar production lines. Meiji is one of the leading manufacturers of Japanese candies and snacks such as Hello Panda cookies. But what might be even more fun is to receive a surprise. They are also famous for Yan Yan snacks, Meltykiss chocolates, Apollo sweets, and more. Or just hide them around the house like I do. Meiji is a famous candy maker in Japan with all sorts of different treats to discover. You can’t miss it. Wonderful and tasty chocolate and no allergy for kids, Meiji Meltykiss Winter Premium Chocolates, Fujiya Milky Peko Chocolate Umbrella - Strawberry and Milk, Yaokin Umaibo Corn Potage Snack Stick Set - 5 pcs, Kracie Popin' Cookin' Neri Candy Land DIY Candy Kit, Pocky Biscuit Sticks - Gokuboso Thin Chocolate, Meiji Watapachi Grape Popping Candy Floss. Meiji Dairies Corporation is one that is known not only locally in Japan but all over the globe. The times of the tours are usually the same: 9.30 am or 11.30 am or 2 pm. Lynda is a long term contributor to Kyodo News Corporation’s website and more recently writes for Japan Travel, among other travel websites, too. Japan's most famous confectionery company Meiji, has been producing famous chocolate bars since 1926. They recently introduced an all-new range of chocolate bars called “meiji THE Chocolate” under the category of “bean to bar.” The range has exciting new flavors and visually attractive packaging for each chocolate bar. There is no coin parking in the immediate vicinity, but a 10 minute walk away, half way between the station and the factory, there are two coin parking lots. sweets, and more.. (Bemmu note: Bulgarian yogurt is at least the best yogurt available in Japanese supermarkets, we buy it daily ).