Subscribe Now », ** Existing subscribers, please Login / Register for Digital ». “It’s important to make sure that we can do all the things we need to do to support you, and to make sure that your transition into your careers and working life is as good as it can be,” Veres said. The Board also passed a resolution to salute all veteran students, staff and faculty who have either served or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Glendale Community College District Received UCLA "Bruin Bear" & USC Tommy Award I wondered if I was too much for the District – too outspoken, too truthful about the overt and covert racism imbedded in its systems and structures. Offer district accountability to give tax payers transparency on actions 14.2% Bachelor's Degree in Political Science As quiet as it is kept, this board plays a vital role in the economic safety and development of our community. Jozef Thomas "Joe" Essavi When an African American elected official sits on the Board of Trustees, the African American community has a seat at the table and a voice in policy deliberations on community college district business affairs and higher education matters. Biography. Recipient of the California Council for Performance Excellence In 2004, Eng became Mayor of Monterey Park, California, an office he held until 2005. These positions of leadership are critical to our community. The Los Angeles Community College District’s (LACCD) Board of Trustees passed H. Resolution 1165 on Nov. 4, condemning both Azerbaijan’s offensive attack against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh and Turkey’s interference in the conflict. Use our wallets, enrollment applications and pulpits to remind everyone else that we are a constituency with power. 69% FAILURE IN STUDENT GRADUATION RATES MUST BE REVERSED. But, I pressed on, because so many students, faculty and administrators said it had been too long since they had heard their truth from the dais. Stay up to date by getting the lastest LA Sentinel News and Alerts sent to your email inbox. 10.6% You may unsubscribe anytime via the link found at the bottom of each email we send. || About Smart Voter LACCD Board of Trustees President Andra Hoffman said that the District recently made the decision to terminate a contract with Mercury Public Affairs for doing business with the Turkish government to stand in solidarity with Armenia. Board Vice President Steve Veres said he and the Board aim to assist LACCD veterans. Courage seems to be fleeting in this town when it comes to standing up for Black people. Provide quality instruction and support services for all students Martinez recently served as vice president of planning and development at the Santa Monica Community College District. The Los Angeles Community College District, the largest community college district in the country, spans more than 882 square miles and enrolls more than 230,000 students across nine colleges. Occupation: Community Center Director [email protected] She was the previous Board President for the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). LACCD is the largest community college district in the nation. I served on the Board until April 3rd, when I was elected to the State Assembly to represent the 54th State Assembly District. But, like Obama, there seems to be an adverse reaction to Black skin in places where it is not welcomed or accustomed. With a district that is seeing an erasure of African Americans in leadership (there are no African American men or women in Executive leadership at the District), there is an acute sense that the Chancellor, the Board, and the District do not value African Americans, that is until February rolls around. Includes FREE shipping! What should not be lost by the LACCD’s Board of Trustees is the fact that an African American serving as a Trustee exerts a positive influence on district policies supporting the district’s African American administrators and faculty and can strongly encourage the recruitment and hiring of additional African American administrators, faculty members and staff members. “I know it’s a ton of discipline that you pick up on, but certainly transitioning into a career workforce is what we want to be about.”. LACCD contracts available to minority-owned and women-owned businesses are awarded by the Trustees. It oversees nine colleges across the county, educates over 200,000 students, employs over ten thousand women and men and controls a $6 billion taxpayer-approved budget. Gwen Walker 23,392 votes “Thank you so much to the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters for your endorsement and support. 69% FAILURE IN STUDENT GRADUATION RATES MUST BE REVERSED. The Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District has appointed Marvin Martinez to serve as the first vice chancellor of economic and workforce development. Relax in comfort each week as you read the printed newspaper on your own time, delivered weekly to your home or office. He was elected to the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees in 2013 and served until 2017. And lastly, African American voters must pay attention when we have our next opportunity to go to the polls to elect the next LACCD Trustee. I know that all of my colleagues feel the same way and that’s why we’re putting forward this resolution today.”. Occupation: Community College Professor Emeritus Member AFT local 1521 Former Senator, Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhood Councils Work to build alternative campuses within LACCD to provide better accessability to education National Youth Council No further links will be added to this page. 59.1% I was the only African American serving and only the second African American woman to serve as its Board president in its 77 year history. Negotiations with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Pierce College have ended with President Alexis Montevirgen looking for an alternate security group for... At the second Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Black/African American Affairs, LACCD Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez discussed over Zoom on Oct. 28 the struggles of remote... During a recent media teleconference, California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley suggested those in attendance make a careful examination of the Los Angeles... For the first time, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) has addressed the needs and rights for LGBTQIA+ community. Priorities: Appointed to Los Angeles WIB Youth Council [email protected] More information on the Board’s meeting agenda can be found here: This subscription also includes UNLIMITED DIGITAL ACCESS for all of your devices. [email protected] Get Community Colleges our fair share from state budget, Protect access to higher education for all Californians, Provide quality instruction and support services for all students, Professor/Sociology/Psychology/Counseling, Accountability and Transparency and oversight of a stable budget, Improve academic/vocational programs/curriculum, Occupation: Los Angeles County Commissioner, Community College ASB Union Treasurer 1994-1996, Communtiy College District Student Trustee Nominee from LA Valley College 1994, Former Senator, Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhood Councils, Neighborhood Councilmember, Winnetka, 2005-2010. 128,617 votes Article published in Congressional Record Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove was recently elected to the California State Assembly. Many were viable and qualified, including 4 African American women, one of who currently serves on the State Board of Governors for the California Community Colleges. 23,074 votes Stella and Stanley’s perfectly imperfect married life quickly unravels when sister Blanche arrives on... Pierce College Film Club hosted the 4th annual film festival Friday, Nov. 20, allowing students with love for film to showcase their favorite creations.