This is *awesome*. This time it's a Sega Saturn game called Linkle Liver Story which was a collaboration effort between meself, paul_met and Pennywise :) Enjoy the playing and BUY the game if you like it! I remember looked and sounded great and was fun. I don't know if you just do games for Saturn, however, I really do hope you will consider translating the original "Final Fantasy" for famicom, but also the original "Snatcher" in the future for PSX. Dreamcast News - The Latest in Emulation and Homebrew brings you the latest news and reviews for the Sega Dreamcast, the latest in Homebrew and Emulation news. "Dejapping"? [8], During the development of Hyrule Warriors, Linkle was originally designed as a female version of Link. I believe the issues are errors from my part because if you got it working then there's something that I'm obviously doing wrong. I'll double check and thank you. Through Daemon Tools, and THEN patch it. Can someone point me to the right direction to make the intro screen music working in Yaba Sanshiro with the english patch? Again, try converting it to bin. I give you a line because I just created the covers for the PAL version. For Linkle Liver Story on the Saturn, Guide and Walkthrough by zalmute. Here is a comment from RHDN since I always use my own images:"Just a note for anyone else who found the patching a tad confusing: the Redump version has multiple .bin files, and this patch should be applied to the first one with the tool mentioned in the readme. It'll be cool to finally get to really sit down and play it again. I just turned it on and played as far as i could till i got stuck. You can contact me here if you like - I only use twitter for reading at most times. with the music in the intro screen but no biggie, I can still play this in Yaba Sanshiro.However... after patching the .img file with the english translation with PPF-O-MATIC v3.0 the game works, it's in english now however... the game is having the same issue with the intro screen music, it doesn't play in both emulators now which is odd, It still has the SFX effects and you can still listen to music in the option screen but the normal intro screen doesn't have the music anymore. Her story is described as a side story separate from the rest of the game's plot.2 1 Biography 2 Development 3 Trivia 4 Nomenclature 5 Gallery 5.1 Video Gallery 6 References Linkle is … I wish I remember how to do that, but both Light and Dark Seeds are used for weapons just like all others. Saturn got so many hidden gems that stay out of my reach due to Japan langue and my lack of understanding it.P.S. The game was released only in Japan. We ship with JP Post … Linkle Liver Story リンクル・リバー・ストーリー Release Date: 15. Linkle Liver Story released :) Surprise-surprise :) After a long silence, I am proud to present the full translation for the partially undercover project. Big thanks to the translation team! It's a dire shame they refuse from paper-based manual nowadays :( I have like 99% of disc-based rpg-like games (PCE, SS, PSX, PS2 and so on), and I can tell you, manuals were the reason number 1 I bought them from the start (if not a collector's edition). 1 FAQ/Guide/Map; No cheats - Be the first to submit one! It looks amazing on a Saturn with SCART RGB going into OSSC also, great translation to a great hidden gem! The file is too big for hosting it at RHDN, but you can grab it Ill try again fingers crossed and hope for the best im not the most tech savvy, I personally passed the game on my Saturn (with a card reader installed). We invite you to join the SEGA group of translators at Discord ;). Returns are always welcome for any faults that may have went unnoticed. Not anywhere else. remove-circle ... Linkle Liver Story - English Translation (w/ manual) for SEGA Saturn by Aishsha. Linkle then would be seen waking up, revealing that this was just a dream, and continue on her quest. Awesome, I look forward to playing this! linkle2.jpg . This time it's a Sega Saturn game called Linkle Liver Story which was a collaboration effort between meself, paul_met and Pennywise :) Enjoy the playing and BUY the game if you like it.