For residential or commercial areas up to 1 acre: BirdXPeller PRO is a sonic bird repeller that utilizes audible sounds to deter pest birds including blackbirds, grackles, cormorants, and ravens. The nesting period for redwing blackbirds is 11 to 14 days after the babies are born. Redwing Blackbirds are protected in most places so nest removal is not an option. Blackbirds and Starlings may get discouraged and move on. 4. Use a Hopper type feeder with a weighted perch that closes when a heavy bird (or squirrel) lands on it. The incubation period is 11 to 13 days. The Red-Winged Blackbirds are more aggressive by nature and even go after cats and people. I don't want to completely banish the blackbirds, they are a varied group that even includes red-winged blackbirds, a songbird that finds its habitat dwindling every day. Typically the blackbirds are more aggressive during the mating and breeding seasons, which lasts from late spring to early autumn. There are 4 effective ways you can get rid of grackles, blackbirds, and starlings at your feeder: Change the types of feeders you use Change what foods you feed birds Change the bird houses in … Male redwing blackbirds are very territorial, many times have several nesting females inside of their territory. On an average, the territory of a male red-winged bird is 2,000 square meters. Their ideal habitat is in long grasses and reeds around waterways. (lots of videos of that) Other than shooting them ( Caution --- "Never hit or try to harm redwing blackbirds. If you purposefully harm a redwing blackbird, you can be charged large fees, up to $250,000, and face possible jail time." At least there were no starlings in this group. They are protected by the migratory Bird Treaty Act. The control and repellent measures used to reduce damage to rice, corn, and sunflower crops have now been a major reason for deaths of adult Red-winged Blackbirds. Remove potential food from the yard. Keep bird seed off the ground and stop filling your platform feeder for a week. You can take steps to discourage blackbirds from frequenting your backyard. The problem is, a number of species band together in huge mobs that can wipe out all of the feed in a matter of minutes. Collect fruit and berries as soon … If you can reduce the long grasses, weeds, and nesting material around your … The programmable device allows you to control sounds, volume, intervals, and times of operation. They have claimed your yard as territory for a reason.