The butcher contacts you for cutting instructions if you are ordering a Side or Whole. Sydney Fresh Seafood products are unavailable for last minute deliveries. Side (approximately 300-450 pounds wet weight)$4.95/pound ~Roughly $2000 total including butchering. On your set delivery date we welcome you to visit the ranch or meet at a central location in Calgary. This is the most accurate way to price bulk beef. Butchering Fees apply to all orders. We are confident that our ideals of humane animal handling are shared with the team at Prairie Meats. It is comprised of two muscles. Unfortunately our Instore Bakery products are unavailable for delivery on your selected delivery time. This includes the day you place your order. Oakey Beef Exports A brand from our diamond range The Key to Quality The vision at Oakey Beef Exports is one of progressive leadership in hygienic processing and packaging of superior premium beef products for the world market. The item you just added is unavailable. The weight of beef you receive will be less than the wet hanging weight. 3. pay for your order over the phone so that it's ready for curbside pick up. The shrinkage  depends on the amount of moisture lost during the dry-aging process, the amount of external fat trimmed off, and how you have the beef custom cut. how to place an order during covid-19: 1. call in or email ahead of time to consult with an associate to place your order. Our Harris Farm Fresh orange juice is only, Unfortunately our Harris Farm Fresh orange juice is unavailable for delivery on your selected delivery time. Remember that you want your order to last through the entire year. We welcome you to visit the ranch or to meet us at our pickup location in Calgary on delivery day. Premium and last minute delivery incur an additional charge of up to $5, select another delivery type to avoid this. If they don’t know what cut you are referring to, show them one of these photos. Select Cuts Select Cuts, Sausage, Beef Jerky, Soup Bones, and More! Sign up for Emails. 7. Additionally, each animal is tagged with a radio frequency CCIA tag registered with the government. Free Store Pick-Up Available | Ashmore, Oxenford, Browns Plains, Birkdale, Eagle Farm. The realization of this goal is integral in the Abattoir’s consistent and well-respected relationship with suppliers, customers, employees and its committed alliance to the Australian environment. SAME DAY DELIVERY WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER BEFORE 2PM IN SELECTED AREAS. Please check out the Select Cuts page for availability and then email to order. FREE DELIVERY ON YOUR FIRST 3 ONLINE ORDERS OVER $80! Liquor Licence Number: LIQP770017231. Contact Info. The identity of each animal and carcass is systematically traced from birth through to the freezer. You would need a small deep freeze. For example, choosing New York Strip steaks instead of T-Bone steaks, will reduce the total weight, but not the total amount of meat. We will be in touch throughout the entire process. Orders are available in bulk by the Quarter, Side, or Whole. Traditionally our bulk beef sells out well in advance of the summer, please order early so as not to be disappointed. Buy now. When you order a Half or Whole Beef it will be custom cut for your needs. Cut from the sirloin it is also known as the top sirloin cap, rump cover, rump cap, or coulette. True grassfed beef is a seasonal product. If you are in the US you might have better luck by asking for it by another name such as the Top Sirloin Cap Roast. De-boning the steaks makes for greater weight loss. *Minimum click & collect order value is $50. Beef price is based on wet hanging weight, butchering fees apply on top of this price they are listed on the order forms. Typically a Quarter would be for a small family of light beef eaters. Sorry, the minimum order value for click and collect is $50. All Trail’s End Beef is processed, cut and wrapped by Prairie Meats in Coaldale, AB. An international cut of beef. The “yield” will be approximately 60% of the wet hanging weight. Make sure to take advantage of all the nutritious and tasty “extras”- Heart, Tongue, Kidney, Liver, Suet, and Soup Bones -these are not weighed as part of the carcass weight. 2. wait for our call back to confirm your order is complete & ready for payment.