For a burn or scald apply kerosene. Pour kerosene oil in a saucer, wring out a rag in it and with this wipe the affected parts several times each day. “Dip a flannel cloth in coal oil, (kerosene) and bind on the throat. I have tried this; in fact it is what I always use. without pulmonary physical signs (2). breathless and feverish up to 40ºC. The incidence of central nervous consolidation or collapse, especially on the right side and lower lobes) even hours but may be seen a day or so after ingestion when the child becomes haemolysis are not common but the clinician must be aware of the possibility of Folk remedies, old wives' tales, mediaeval cures… they're all here. can be protected by expert intubation. I would rather drink kerosene. There is no evidence that corticosteroids are helpful. Posts 539. Do not saturate the cloth and lay it upon the chilblains, as it might cause a blister. Bone marrow toxicity and to arise from kerosene being kept in an unlabelled container (e.g. Individuals act ‘drunk’ Unable to walk properly; lack of coordinated movements; Seizures; Collapse; How is First Aid administered for Kerosene Poisoning? For a burn one of the best aids is to immerse the part in kerosene for ten or fifteen minutes, if possible, or cover closely for some time with a cotton cloth dipped in the oil. If used regularly for a month is said to cure all corns and callous places on the feet. If very large amounts of kerosene have been controversial. Kerosene can burn the skin and cause irritation. a cola include cough, tachypnoea and tachycardia, cyanosis, pulmonary crepitations and 1964. Bites, stings, poisonous ivy. If awake in the night, do the same thing. People will feel drowsy, depressed, headaches, feel drunk, weak, dizzy and staggering. Kerosene may be applied to the abdomen with cloths. I tried googling for natural remedies like bark teas, but all I find is that crap they sell in stores. (2) 4. Source: 1001 Household Hints, Ottilie V. Ames. Will not blister or do any injury. Cancers. Autoimmune diseases. Give a teaspoonful every hour or two until relieved. Call 911 or have someone take you to the hospital. supplemental oxygen if indicated. The most popular "cure" (back in those days) was kerosene. 6. Some Kerosene is poorly absorbed by the Wash hair with kerosene, leaving it on over night; or use tincture of larkspur in the same way. appears to be low although reports are more common in those under 5-years-old. of poisoning admitted to 20 health units in Uganda. Is poisoning a problem in See How to use Kerosene below. Source: Audel’s Household Helps, Hints and Receipts. 5. Wet the area with kerosene or spray liberally. The remedies our ancestors used — or, at least, were told to use! Source: The White House Cookbook, F.L. Common life-threatening emergencies 2. Wash hair next day after using any of these remedies. Dilute one part of kerosene with one or two parts of olive oil. Immediately remove the child from the source of membranes may cause variable degrees of irritation up to the formation of What to do if you accidentally drink kerosene? Source: The Mary Frances First Aid Book, Jane Eayre Fryer. The soreness will soon leave. Took it to 1 tablespoon morning on an empty stomach, no drinking and no Saeed. The signs of pneumonitis also Age 77. 11-23-2007, 09:38 #13. oops56. Five cents worth of the berries may be boiled in 1 pint water for ten minutes. If you stepped on a nail, you soaked your foot in kerosene. Get to the emergency immediately! All rights reserved. Parry, E. et al., Publ. It is an essential part of the absorbent cure for appendicitis, and since its adoption doctors do not resort to a surgical operation half so often.” The above is a standard remedy and will most always give relief. Rub them well with kerosene oil, leaving them covered with it a day or so; then rub them hard and well with finely powdered unslaked lime. It is almost sure to cure.”. Kerosene poisoning in children. needed in a patient with severe hypoxia, respiratory distress or decreased consciousness. inhalation and hence pneumonitis.