A DIY herb garden ensures that you have fresh herbs to hand whenever you need them, and growing them organically at home means you can be certain they have not been treated with pesticides, not so easy to ascertain when you pick them up at the grocery store. As long as you provide for the basic needs of the plant, warmth, light, adequate drainage and enough water, it will grow happily indoors. The common herbs used in cooking are referred to as culinary herbs. More so than indoors, the permanent outdoor herb garden needs a bit more thought. This does not affect the price you pay in any way. Today, we tend to segment herbs by their uses. Herbs are still a worthwhile plant to grow in the 21st century. You may be a total novice, so treat this as a herb gardening for beginners guide. Many herbs grow perfectly well in mugs, jars, pots, old water cans, or even tin cans as The Gracious Wife demonstrates in the above image. Plant herbs according to your personal taste when choosing the best herbs to grow, not just based on ease of growing. Here are 9 of the easiest to get you started. But for most people growing herbs indoors or in the garden, handling herbs is rarely an issue. Drainage, Drainage, Drainage – Drainage is always something that needs to be considered with indoor hanging planters. Perfect for a balcony or limited space, or just for on a verandah or patio close to the kitchen door. AND, you avoid running out into the garden in the pouring rain when you need a sprig of rosemary for the Sunday roast. of soil. Add a layer of herb mix to plant into. There are options to buy complete hydroponic herb gardening kits like the Aerogarden 7 which is sold on Amazon, but it’s not too hard to make one yourself. Lots of growing space, and you could paint the pallet with pastel shades if you wanted to dress it up a little. south or South-West facing windows are a good bet. Download your free Herb Growing Guide by visiting Trueleafmarket.com. It’s called hydroponics and has been used in the commercial sector for years. The culinary uses for herbs are endless, there are herbs for both sweet and savory dishes. We decorate our houses with mistletoe, we hang sprigs of holly around the house at Christmas, herbs used to have great significance at weddings. If left to send up flower stalks, yellow umbels will produce dill seed. Perennial herb seeds can be planted directly into the soil outside a few weeks BEFORE the last frost. Coriander (cilantro) is a must-have for a Thai curry..yum. Image: I Spy DIYI loved this! I’ll add a cool infographic to the bottom of this article which shows you what to grow, where, light requirements and more. If you want more than just herbs for personal use and are hoping to start a little cottage industry, then it will probably pay to turn over a large space and consider a herb garden design to allow you to upscale. If you have this issue, a plastic pot might work better, even if it doesn’t look so good. Herbs have been used and still are used, in ceremonies and rituals. Prepare your soil with organic matter like compost and sheep pellets. I want one! 442 CR 233 Hallettsville, TX 77964 phone & fax: 979/562-2153, cell: 361/258-1192 e-mail: [email protected] www.theherbcottage.com Guide to Successful Herb Growing in Texas Herbs are plants that are used as flavoring agents. We’ll cover the best herbs to grow indoors and even look at vertical herb gardening, great if you are short on space or live in an apartment. Herbs are, on the whole, quite beautiful plants that add an exciting new dimension to any border or raised bed. For a cocktail in the garden, the addition of lemon verbena or mint is great. Stocks, soups, casseroles, stews, pies, salads, desserts and drinks can all benefit from the right herb.A do-it-yourself herb garden can have any of these at your fingertips. As we’re going to be learning about herb gardening, we’ll be planting herb seeds or buying in stock plants for the garden center, all fine to eat and handle (I hope). Choose a spot outside that is close to your kitchen, or put pots on a sunny windowsill inside, for easy access. Disease is hardly ever an issue, so growing your own herbs is a no-brainer, well, I think so. Practitioner’s Guide to Herbal Remedies From Nature. Looking for ways to create something unique, save some money, and recycle wherever possible is an exciting idea for the homesteader. You can then put the frozen cubes into labeled bags and throw one or two into a stew, curry or soup as you need them. 28 Gardening/Bees and Honey.pdf. Garden Guide: Growing Herbs – The Old Farmer’s Almanac Title: Untitled-5 Created Date: 6/15/2009 11:54:00 AM Whether you want to be creative or just pick something up at the store, with the tiniest bit of motivation you can have your indoor herb garden up and growing in the next few hours. I try to avoid consumerism as much as possible, eat well, and try not to leave too much of a footprint during my time on this earth. Herbs have been used for thousands of years, for a variety of needs and uses. Most of the requirements and directions for planting, watering, and placement are appropriate for all plants, not just herbs, but many herb gardens in locations that get cold winters and frosts will include perennial plantings. Make sure your site has access to water. Choose a site with full sun 4–6 hours per day for most herbs. The indoor herb garden is the epitome of good design. Their tolerance to a wide range of soils and environmental conditions makes herbs a really hands-off type of plant They are on the whole, pretty resistant to diseases and pests, and you can plant them in any existing flower or vegetable bed, or create a new one.