Harvested in summer and fall, Michigan grows carrots for both fresh market and processing. Michigan lamb is a lean and healthy source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and Michigan wool is a durable, warm and comfortable fiber. The state’s climate, soil and water resources make our state an excellent location for growing Michigan cranberries, which are harvested September through November. Michigan dairy farmers are committed to supplying the safest, highest quality dairy foods for Michigan families. Michigan chestnuts are available in their fresh form from October to December, while peeled frozen and dehydrated chestnuts and chestnut... Michigan chicken, or broilers, are a lean and healthy source of protein grown by farmers throughout the state. Most varieties take 58 to 92 days to harvest. Greens, including spinach and lettuce, need well-draining soil that are rich in nutrients. Luckily, Michigan has a lot of muck, which is composted humus, throughout the soil. The methods we use to ensure food safety are fully transparent. This sugary, golden nectar is delicious all on its own or stirred into a batch of something sweet. Fresh market carrots are in season from late July through November, and carrots for processing are... Michigan celery is available fresh from July through December, and this crunchy snack is as versatile as it is guilt-free. 16 calories/cup, lots of vitamins and minerals, celery is amazing. The milk, cheese, yogurt and other Michigan dairy products you enjoy every day are both delicious and local. Pole beans are great for those who need to conserve their space. I'm in Michigan so I'm wondering if I would be better off planting it outdoors where it would get more sun than indoors, but might not reach maturity before cold weather sets in. Michigan’s strawberry season starts in early June and can extend into mid July. Michigan Christmas trees are good for the environment, the economy and the spirit. Plant in April for a June harvest, or plant in August for a September harvest. Urban gardening is growing in popularity through the Detroit area, as well as the suburbs beyond. Michigan Pork facts: Michigan pig farmers... Do you know where your baked potato came from? Michigan sugar is a "real sweet" deal for our state’s economy, and it’s available to Michiganders and neighboring states all year long. Today, Michigan farmers raise nearly 9 million chickens. Tomato plants aren’t frost hardy, so you have to make sure to plant after the threat of frost passes. Corn should be knee high by the 4th of July for a successful harvest. Most fresh pears are consumed within a few weeks of harvest, and... Michigan plums are delicious and nutritious fresh, frozen or canned. Celery Facts from the Michigan Celery Promotion Co-op. Fresh Michigan cucumbers are available in July, August, and September, and in their processed form (pickles! 4. Naturally sweet, low in fat and calories and extremely versatile, Michigan chestnuts are not just for roasting over an open fire. Michigan sugar facts: More than one 1.3 billion pounds of sugar is... A Michigan summer is not complete without stopping by a roadside stand or visiting the grocery store for fresh Michigan sweet corn. Bush beans are compact and produce heavily at one time. The trip from field to plate is fast. Most Michigan asparagus is grown near the Lake Michigan shoreline, where... Michigan is no stranger to legumes! Michigan blueberry facts: Michigan ranks third in... Did you know, Michigan ranks nationally in the production of this leafy green? Learning to grow celery from a stalk is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to expand your gardening horizons. Pole beans also spread their harvest over a bigger time frame. So, residents have to pick the best vegetables to grow in Detroit to ensure they reap a good harvest. Michigan celery is available fresh from July through December, and this crunchy snack is as versatile as it is guilt-free. 1.Celery is grown from seed in a greenhouse for six to eight weeks. Box 30960Lansing, MI 48909-8460. 3. Growing celery (Apium graveolens) is generally considered to be the ultimate vegetable gardening challenge.It has a very long growing season but a very low tolerance for both heat and cold. Need help preparing your garden? Cucumbers grow fast, requiring around 75 days to harvest. Box 30960Lansing, MI 48909-8460. Michigan... Michigan farmers raise sheep for both meat and wool. Today, they plant over 55 percent of the total celery acreage in Michigan, including celery for fresh market, processing, and juice. They don’t like hot heat, making them an ideal spring and fall crop. Michigan dairy facts: There are nearly1,500... Michigan eggs can be found at local diners, large restaurant chains, grocery stores and food service entities. . Find recipes, expert advice and information on today’s hot topics in food. Fresh Michigan cabbage is available from July to November and throughout the year in its processed forms. Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities. You want a majority of your garden area to receive full sun, and be sure to have well-draining soil. All Content Copyright © 2020 by the Michigan Ag Council.