The Y chromosome is one of two possible chromosomes (X or Y) in each person’s sex chromosome pair. Direct-to-customer DNA testing has become so widespread that anyone can explore their genetic health and prerequisites for a wide spectrum of potential diseases and conditions. These recipes are replicated and passed down from parent to child, generation after generation. This, however, might pose a problem to individuals interested only in their genetic health and not ancestral lines. Your personal information will be stored within the EEA and processed by the company staff. As with yDNA, mtDNA does not undergo recombination between generations, which means it is largely conserved and can be used for accurate tracing of your maternal lineage far back into the past. If you prefer that we not receive this small commission, we recommend that you go to the company’s website directly (without clicking on our links). While the primary focus of this guide is DNA testing for health purposes, many people are understandably interested in DNA tests that give insight into ancestry as well as health. Recommended for its scope and the for exploratory tools at your disposal after testing. It is now possible to learn about how well your cells are aging using genetic health testing, right from the comfort of home. And DNA testing can help you identify recent and long-ago ancestors in your family tree. Apart from its famous AncestryDNA test, the company incorporates a wide variety of online services, including, AncestryHealth, Find a Grave, AncestryProGenealogists, Rootsweb, Family Tree Maker,, and Fold3. 18 genetic risk reports and 18 carrier status reports, Final report includes 4 polygenic risk estimates, Quick turnaround time (3-4 weeks), raw DNA data upload, 9 health & wellness reports/professional guidance & resources, Family health history overview you can share with your doctor, Origins & ethnicity reports covering more than 1,000 regions, Detailed and comprehensive health-related testing option, 40+ carriers, 8+ health risks, 7+ wellness reports, 19+ traits, Modern testing facility and excellent user data security, Wide range of high-quality, pragmatic DNA testing solutions, Business model based on Nobel Prize-winning technology, Membership in the revolutionary “LifeCapsule” cell program, 5 health-related DNA tests with professional counseling, CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited processing laboratory, Impressive team of PhDs, scientists, and genetic counselors, Ancestry and health-related DNA testing solutions, Top-of-the-line testing lab with CLIA and CAP accreditations, Precise and reliable test results + raw DNA data available, Variety of different health-related DNA tests available, Proprietary laboratory with CLIA and CAP accreditations, Reasonable testing prices and free shipping and handling, 8 different health-related DNA tests to choose from, Perfect test accuracy with zero room for potential errors, High-end testing lab with a skilled interdisciplinary team, Accurate measurement of your telomere length and genetic age, Comparative view of other individuals of your age and gender, Free “Blueprint for Aging Well” with every TeloYears test, Accurate health DNA test checks for 28 genetic maladies, CLIA, ISo 9001, and ISO 15189 laboratory certifications, Worldwide shipping offered without any shipping charges. For example, if you're a healthy person, a positive result from genetic testing doesn't always mean you will develop a disease. But sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between a disease-causing gene and a harmless gene variation. Click Redeem Offer to visit the website to take advantage of the offer!