Not enough to satisfy his hunger. Once you’ve created an understanding of who is using your service, you start planning your marketing around that market. As the lockdowns last, , every online food and delivery business needs to analyze, prioritize and reinvent their marketing approach. — Grabfood and Deliveroo have centralized kitchens in SG where customers can come in and choose from a range of places to eat. The goal is to ensure that users are convinced of the new product and they make a purchase. Billboards and banners spread across the city can spread a lot of awareness. Copyright © 2013-2017 NextRestaurants and The Rail Media. The demand for delivery is higher than ever, and your restaurant should provide it. What can you do to compete with these big boys and their massive marketing budget? Whether you serve the fastest of foods or the fanciest of meals, look for ways to deliver your food. Strategy 3: Foodpanda should expand into 3–5 new cities, and 1 brand new country by end of 2019. If you liked this story, sign up for our newsletter that includes our food business startup kit and most popular interviews sent straight to your inbox. Launch PR — Initially, Foodpanda should launch this feature to only one city and less than 5% of the total user base. Adding employees and covering the insurance costs associated with these individuals driving a car or bike to deliver food can be a major risk and expense to a small business. Many of the established players haven’t penetrated the smaller American towns just yet. Optimize existing app/ features — Technological advancements will be essential to keep the app fresh, interesting and exciting enough to return to. If you plan to start a food delivery business of your own, getting started is simple assuming you have transportation and a valid driver’s license. Strategy 5: New in-app features such as calorie count, “top 10 most ordered meals of the week”, and “top rated restaurants near you” and recommendations based on previous orders can be implemented to keep the app exciting and engaging, driving retention of eaters and orders. So throw a massive event around the launch of your delivery service. What are competitors doing that already relate to Foodpanda’s objectives? I’m Brett Lindenberg, the founder of Food Truck Empire. One batch of cold food, one rude delivery man, one wrong order — if anything goes wrong, people won’t risk delivery again. Darren has grown a food delivery service to over 100 cities and $700+ million in total sales over the lifetime of the business. Youtube, Facebook and Instagram ads would be especially useful in conveying these emotions and sentiments around home food, and healthy food. Then, you need to market your delivery services, so everybody knows you have it. Here is a strategic outline of the steps I would take in order to expand Foodpanda’s business through increased orders and customer acquisition and help them grow within the region. Exclusive Interview: How I Grew a Food Delivery Company to over 20 Million Total Deliveries in 100 Cities. One way to take on the big boys in your backyard is stay small and select a name that connects your brand with local customers. How I Grew a Food Delivery Company to over 20 Million Total Deliveries in 100 Cities, 27 Meal Kit Industry Statistics and Consumption Trends, interview with the founder of FoodJets, Darren McAdams, 28 Forgotten Sundae Dessert Facts You Won’t Believe, 33 Disruptive Junk Removal Industry Statistics and Market Predictions, 21 Provocative Banana Split Facts You Need To Know, 142 Creative Slime Shop Name Ideas + Sales Tips (2021 Update). Identify the best location to set up the new facility (prime location close to MRT would be ideal), Identify all logistics (costs, equipment, personnel, etc) needed to build another centralized kitchen, Allocate the necessary resources for the new build out, Set up data collection platform in the center (to better understand food habits and order preferences), Number of click-n-collect vs number of dine-ins, Customer satisfaction of facilities and premises, Increase in number of app visitors (assuming that a positive offline experience can in turn impact users to return to the app when at home), If the facility isn’t performing as expected, implement more rigorous marketing programs to drive traffic into the facility. Identify all the trendiest features people are looking for in food delivery apps, for ex: calorie count for every item, “top rated restaurants” within a 3km radius of the eater, “top ordered food this week” within a 3km radius of the eater, and new food recommendations based on previous orders or user’s food preferences. He changes into his comfy clothes, checks his Facebook, then feels the sharp pain of hunger. Finding that a lot of people order massive amounts of food for parties on Friday nights? Digital billboards displaying targeted messages based on the time of day, driving people to the offline location. By sharing these stories, I want to help others get started. Here’s the other advantage. This takes a big bite out of the profitability of a restaurant. You can learn more about the highs, lows, and costs associated with starting this type of business in our exclusive interview with the founder of FoodJets, Darren McAdams. Would you hire your own delivery employees or partner with a third-party delivery company, like GrubHub or UberEats?