Thank you Noel! Alan Park, the founder of FluentU, just told me that it wouldn’t be among the next couple of languages they’ll offer but that they certainly want to add it in the future. You can try FluentU and all its features free of charge for 14 days. In the FluentU app you can get videos on the subject of your interest in your target learning language. But to use this free trial period, at first you have to choose payment method. The search engine will then return all videos in which the words or phrases appear. A subscription to FluentU grants access to all languages. These cookies do not store any personal information. In order to practice hearing to native reciters at native pace. It largely works the same as the desktop version, and you can sync between them. I have made a straightforward rundown on what FluentU learning app is actually about and whether it’s worth subscribing or not. Quiz option of FluentU is an engaging way to strengthen over the things you have learnt in your past sessions. If you love structured practice and coherent themes then you are at a wrong place because FluentU doesn’t have such. So, whatever is your interest and target language is you can surely find something of your interest. Then in that case keep it in the “My Vocab” section. FluentU app review. They have to transcribe, translate, and subtitle them…and make them work with the FluentU learning system. So you want to find out if FluentU is worthy of your money? It now has a few interesting features, though not as elaborated as FluentU or Yabla’s learning games. Lesson topics covered by FluentU are quite broad and it include: You have the option to freely watch out the new vocabs and written dialogues of the videos. When you start your FluentU experience with a Newbie Course, you may find yourself thinking: Is that it? I think Yabla, despite not being perfect either, gives you more of an immersion experience than does FluentU. I consider this app as an excellent Resource, but it shouldn’t be used a primary language learning method. Fluentu actually grabs publicly free available content from YouTube. FluentU is cool. Because the FluentU team keeps adding new videos all the time. I think it is really a powerful website for learning languages in a funny easy way. The FluentU team is pretty proactive when it comes to correcting bugs and improving the app. (You can in the desktop version.) It’s motivating. Learn to read and speak Spanish, French, English, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Italian with FluentU. Each of the video has a convenient list of vocabs which help you to grab information about the words used in the video. In fluentu to use the Spaced Repetition feature you have to make a click on the “Ready for Review” option. It also offer ample support for the language you’re learning, including flashcards reviews, exercises and much more. It’s Annual Plan costs $20 per month and the Monthly Plan costs $30 per month. As, all the video present over here is a clip or short commercial. But since this is a new feature, I’m positive that you’ll be able to do so soon. Fluentu app offers a daily goal feature. “Spaced repetition” is a catchphrase in any learning circle. Watching a video of which you only know 15% of the words, is a waste of time. I won’t bribe you with anything, other than saying you’ll be a valuable member of the club. It has a limited free version and a $10/month premium version. Ever watched a foreign language video on YouTube and ever wants to look subtitle terms up. The very first question you all will ask either to me or to yourself that how Fluent app is different from other language learning apps. Also, if you can’t learn your target language of choice with either Yabla or FluentU, CaptionPop may be an option for you as it supports many more languages than those tools. I am doing right now an internship in Germany. Let’s say you’re watching a video segment that’s driving you nuts. There are now beginner playlists that consist of audios and videos that increase in difficulty. After then fill up the billing and payment method information. But it makes it unlikely you’ll ever run out of videos to watch and learn from. If you show up every day, it’s hard to fail. Later on, you can check it in your flashcards whenever you are free. But there are enough videos to keep you busy for long duration and constantly videos are also gets added. If you’re an absolute beginner, it will be accurate from the start, obviously. These people need to engage the real-world version of the language, not some course’s version. As, this gives a nice, cozy experience to learner and they quickly catch the things taught in these apps.