Namco succeeded in capturing the look and feel of the arcade game, making Dragon Spirit – the New Legend one of the system’s better shooters. Amru dies suddenly, while one of the twins – the female, of course – is captured by the new evil entity of the land. Despite having a life bar there are no power-ups to recover health, meaning mistakes carry a heavy price. Even cooler, if you grab a single blue orb, you’ll grow an additional head, allowing for a wider double shot. I’ve always liked Dragon Spirit. I haven’t even mentioned the various bombs and the terrifying skull. Then the title screen appears, informing you that, yes, what you just played/watched wasn’t the game: it was a, . Dragon Spirit goes overboard with its power-ups but that makes the game incredibly fun. Dragon Spirit: TNL is a semi-sequal to the popular arcade game, Dragon Spirit. In between levels you rescue additional maidens who loosely fill in the plot, such as it is. Home / NES / Dragon Spirit – the New Legend. It’s a far cry from the stingy arcade game. Around the time of its release the majority of shooters were still one lone ship against an alien armada. Three Red orbs increase your basic firepower but the real meat comes with the number of dragon forms. Dragon Spirit: The New Legend is a vertical shooter that plays similar to 1942, 1943, and Tiger-Heli.The player controls a dragon who must use fireballs to destroy various enemies. Peace has reigned over the kingdom of Olympis for years, thanks to King Amul's (Amru in the English translation) heroic battle against the demon Zawel. Power-ups drop every few seconds which is overkill as there are less enemies overall. The final levels have been replaced by castle stages to facilitate the new end bosses. You can … Plus, the game is MUCH, much easier. In addition to enhanced powers and speed, many of the more difficult levels are removed from this playthrough, shortening the total game and story. Dragon Spirit – the New Legend is half port/half sequel and pretty damn good too. Dragon Spirit: The New Legend is an action shoot ‘em up game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. You can take six hits before death and are at full power permanently. Not only can you power him up (or lose power if you grab the wrong icons), but you can watch your hero evolve (or devolve) as you grab power-ups. Galda has decided to attack the Earth and Lace must stop him. The environment is just as much of an enemy like the closing walls of the Cave road. Power Ups V. Walkthrough VI. Aside from airborne forces you’ll also need to contend with ground based targets. If you die you are giventhe Golden Dragon, which is easy mode. More cinematics inform you that Amru settles down and has a wife and twins. I'm just a dude who has been playing video games for over 30 years and want to share my extensive knowledge with the masses. The player has 360° control within the screen on display with most enemies appearing at the top of the screen. The story sees you taking up your father’s sword to rescue your sister and prevent Zawel from being resurrected by the evil Galda. Taking a sword that belongs to the player's father, he must rescue his sister Iris. Regardless of what you go in expecting Dragon Spirit – the New Legend is a great game. Each level takes place around a nature setting, whether it be atop a volcano, amidst an iceberg, or just among the green plains. At its core Dragon Spirit is Xevious with a fantasy theme. If you don’t mind a loose port with a lot of new content this is the game for you. Dragon Spirit goes overboard with its power-ups but that makes the game incredibly fun. Power-ups are plentiful and unique. Major differences in gameplay aside from the color of the dragon include differentiation in powers. As you get more powerful, your dragon will grow extra heads and change both its size and color to reflect its new abilities. In three lines or so, you’re informed that a warrior named Amru, who can turn into a blue dragon, is off to beat the evil warlord Zawel. , began to herald a new wave of storytelling in console games, whether the developers (Namco and Tecmo, respectively) knew it or not. Additionally, power up transformations are far more destructive and effective, often wiping out most enemies in a single strike, and sweeping across the entire screen in some case leaving no enemy alive. Probably the best is the white dragon, which gives three-way fire for all heads. The following two tabs change content below. It's not much different from its predecessor. The main character sprite is large; meaning that the player is easy to destroy. A story is told between levels as you progress. Genre: Action; File Size: 138.0KB; Region: USA; Console: Nintendo; Downloads: 1136; Updated On: Dec 09, 2018; Dragon Spirit – The New Legend Rom/Emulator file, which is available for free download on It is even worse considering your firepower is also reduced. At nine levels this is long by shooter standards and the level design matches the enemies in terms of variety. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After collecting three red orbs, your firepower will become enhanced. Where Dragon Spirit deviates a bit is with the power-ups. But little did they know that the evil Galda was building an army of evil and used his black magic to resurrect Zawel from the dead. It’s a nice change of pace from shooting aliens in space. The gold dragon is much faster by default, both in movement and attack speed. The "easy mode" that will become available if the player dies during the opening level offers a very different gameplay experience from the standard mode. Dragon Spirit – The New Legend; Dragon Spirit – The New Legend. The game isn’t afraid of crowding the screen with enemies, causing flicker at its worst moments. It was one of the few arcade games I ever came close to finishing before the inevitable home port which probably fuels my love of the game as well. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After Amul had married his lovely wife Aricia, they were blessed with the birth of their children, Princess Iris and Prince Lace. That being said I think the difficulty is uneven overall, especially over the arcade. Players have two kinds of attacks; shoot directly in the air with fire or bomb the ground with bombs. The stages are loosely based on the arcade but with new elements. If you survive the easy intro you start on what is essentially normal mode. In fact, it's almost the same... except in story, and a couple of changes in bosses. However the game ends after five stages. Posted on June 18, 2012 December 22, 2013 Dragon Spirit – the New Legend. Translation Description: Translation to Spanish for “Dragon Spirit - The New Legend” for the NES. The biggest change comes at the end. After some brief skirmishes, you fight Zawel and destroy him. You can even become smaller and harder to hit. The player controls a dragon who must use fireballs to destroy various enemies. Dragon Spirit, shmup, shooter. You can have two smaller dragons that function almost like options. Dragon Spirit: The New Legend is a fantasy-themed overhead shoot-'em-up released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. Dragon Spirit: The New Legend is a vertical shooter that plays similar to 1942, 1943, and Tiger-Heli. Thanks to its setting Dragon Spirit is incredibly varied, with a D & D bestiary sized list of enemies. Three Red orbs increase your basic firepower but the real meat comes with the number of dragon forms. It is a remixed port of the 1987 arcade game Dragon Spirit. Items drop every few seconds so it isn’t much of a loss if you take a few hits. It’s one of a couple appearances of a prologue in the entire library of NES games (. Instead of transforming into a blue dragon like his father, Lace instead becomes a gold dragon. the player's failure to complete the first level). I’m not particularly fond of them as they are long and drag on a bit too long. So seeing one with a fantasy setting was incredibly cool. The difficulty in Dragon Spirit varies based on its opening. begins simply, brilliantly. Sayewonn. Why is this important? Tagged. The golden dragon also takes more damage and will face slightly different enemies and bosses. You’ll have more trouble reaching the bosses rather than defeating them as they drop in seconds. My personal favorite was the White Dragon, where your character sprouts two other heads that spit out two shots instead of one. He is then confronted by the sorcerer Galda who declares that he is taking Lace's sister, Princess Iris to be his prisoner. Lace takes up his father's sword to rescue his kidnapped sister from the demon Galda. The story for Prince Lace is very different than that of King Amru's tale should the player successfully activate the standard difficulty game. Introduction This FAQ is based on Dragon Spirit: The New Legend. The invincible pink dragon is not so great; it is a massive temporary boost but once it runs out you lose all power-ups and go back to your default form. I’ve always liked Dragon Spirit more than most shooters. Rather than the hero Amu you play as his son Lace. Glacier Land has a high speed sequence in addition to destructible ice barriers. There are nine worlds in the game - ranging from the Paleozoic era to a parallel universe known only as the Evil Palace where the final boss awaits the player in his lair.