I have 3 devices (G3100, VMS4100, & IPC4100) on a 3-way splitter that was installed by either Verizon or Comcast back in 2012. Had to do some work to get everything working. This is because it is scalable. If there are using it now for cable then it should be no problem to reuse. FiOS operates on a passive optical network (PON). G3100 and G1100 requires 1150MHz for MoCA LAN. I knew there was no hard cutoff as I am still able to watch TV, etc, but I do rarely have issues with artifacting and thought that perhaps a new splitter that officially meets the 1150MHz threshold might fix that. Cable splitters work fine on fios. So, as your business and network grow, you will have the support you need for your changing bandwidth needs. An ISP central office device called an optical line terminal (OLT), One or more user devices called optical network units (ONUs) or optical network terminals (ONTs), Fibers and splitters between them, called the optical distribution network (ODN), The ONT or ONU devices that live on your premise terminate the fiber-optic line and can use a single coaxial cable to connect to (or bridge to) the devices on your local area network (LAN). It's only used if you'll have FiOS TV service. A PON system is designed to deliver broadband Internet access to your home or office by connecting you as a subscriber to your Internet service provider (ISP). Does anyone else have experience with gigabit internet connecting their router using coax? This is required for all speeds faster than 100/100, and the slowest is 200/200 now, so it's always required. Optical fiber networks operate on different passive optical network (PON) standards. They didn't use the previous coaxial that had been installed for BrightHouse TV and Internet. Learn > MoCA > Does FIOS use Ethernet or coax?Short answer, FiOS users fiber-optic cables to reach your home. So in one of the bedrooms we have the coax plugged into an older FiOS MoCA-enabled router (kept from our previous residence, where we also had FiOS), and it picks up the FiOS connection from the ONT. For General Information related to verizon, feel free to stop by /r/verizon. There are multiple next-generation PON standards. PON stands for passive optical network. Would my plan not work? One output port on the splitter will go to the coax connection on your router the others to the Set Top Boxes. Learn > Fiber > What is a Passive Optical Network (PON)? The data transmit is also symmetrical, which means that it doesn’t matter if the data is travelling upstream or downstream, it is fast. Learn more. Technical details: Verizon FiOS products are delivered over a Fiber to the premises network using passive optical network technology. It's running a WAN signal over MoCA LAN, so if anything on your LAN is trying to use MoCA as well on the same physical cables, LAN and WAN will become bridged, which will knock out your whole network. There is no such thing as Verizon Fios compatible Modems . All posts copyright their original authors. Cable Internet requires coaxial cables. The sales agent was probably referring to the new Ethernet line that will need to be run from the ONT to the router for speeds over 100 Mbps, which now that mix and match starts at 200/200 they will need a tech to come run Ethernet. Works great no issues or complaints and great gigabit speeds. A passive optical network (PON) can bridge to a devices on the customer premises within the individual terminating unit using technologies such as Ethernet or coaxial cables. Copyright © 2020 - Hitron Technologies Americas Inc. Short answer, FiOS users fiber-optic cables to reach your home. C. Connect the power cord from the router to an electrical outlet. The only thing you 'have to do' is decide where you want your router. Learn > MoCA > Does FIOS use Ethernet or coax?Short answer, FiOS users fiber-optic cables to reach your home. Learn more. Although it's rare enough that it's probably normal. A shared fiber can also support services like voice (phone service) and video in addition to Internet. I believe FiOS will use its own special cable modem/wireless router that Verizon will loan you when you subscribe. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If FiOS installed them and if they connect to an existing FiOS cable box then you should be good to go since your TV program guide comes in over MoCA. What is the Difference Between EPON and GPON. This is how you get broadband access with fiber-optic services (FiOS). So he came in and terminated them all and mounts a 6-way splitter (yes, 6-way with a Verizon logo on it.)