She observed that the world was full of sorrow. he said. 64 0 obj<>stream 0000011571 00000 n - Mary said that Greg had come the day before. Indirect - direct speech exercise 5 Rewrite sentences. "Don't hesitate," he said. Indirect Speech is supported by some verbs like requested, ordered, suggested and advised. Indirect: She told me that she had been to Boston. Direct: “We were playing basketball”, they told me. 0000002441 00000 n - He asked me if I would make coffee. Forbid-forbade is used for negative sentences. 1 DIRECT AND INDIRECT SPEECH When the actual words of the speaker are reproduced, it is called direct speech. if a sentence in direct speech begins with a question (what/where/when) as the “question-word” itself acts as a joining clause. Grammar rules with examples. Example: He said, ‘ I am going to school.’ When the main idea of a speaker’s words is reported by another person and the exact If we say: Mary said Greg had come yesterday, it is not correct, because it means that he came on Saturday. - The doctor warned my father not to smoke. Indirect: Hamid ordered Ramid to sit down. "Please, revise for the test," he said. Typed By:. Direct - indirect speech exercise 4 Choose correct answers. 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Required fields are marked *, Latest Notifications 2020-2021 for Government Exams, IBPS RRB [PO & Clerk] Online Registration Re-opened, Rules For Direct And Indirect Speech For English Language. "We painted the hall last weekend," she told me this week. Direct: He said, “She has finished her homework“. 3. If we report Mary's sentence on Sunday, we have to do the following: The policeman enquired where were the weapons. 0000000016 00000 n In the indirect speech the person addressed must be mentioned. Commands, requests or advice with ask Reported questions and commands exercises PDF. But sometimes we make different adjustments. For more variety and scope of direct and indirect speech questions asked in the English section of various competitive exams, go through, Previous Year Question Papers PDF with Solutions. “I am happy with my result.”, Direct-Indirect Speech – Sample Questions For the English Language. Remove the conjunctions like (that, to, if or whether) wherever necessary. Answer (1) She observed that the world is full of sorrow. - He said he would appreciate it. So far I could learn one by one with a good explanation and example so I wish to join in fact, Your email address will not be published. I should, we should usually change into would. To prepare well for the English section, it is essential to practise and revise regularly for conceptual clarity. a) verb tenses and verb forms Put a comma before the statement and the first letter of the statement should be in capital letter. Your email address will not be published. 1. Candidates can also check the links given below to understand the concept of word formation in English and to learn the common words in English Language that appear in most of the competitive exams-. "I brought you this book," she said. To change a sentence of direct speech into indirect speech there are various factors that are considered, such as reporting verbs, modals, time, place, pronouns, tenses, etc. Tell can introduce statements, commands, requests or advice. The reporting verb say changes into ask, want to know, wonder... Direct speech – reporting the message of the speaker in the exact words as spoken by him. Edit Change in Modal Verbs Here are some Indirect speech rules for modal verbs. To ace the verbal ability section, it is important to have a clear conceptual knowledge of Direct and Indirect Speech, their usage and applications in English language. - He asked me where I had been. "They will finish it this year," he said. Similarly ask is used in reported questions, commands, requests or advice in different forms. 0000002340 00000 n b) pronouns The correct indirect speech for ‘This world’, she said, ‘is full of sorrow. Indirect: He said that he would be disposing of the old computer the following Tuesday. Indirect Speech: A report on what someone else […] 0000001399 00000 n Indirect: She said that she would be in Scotland the next day. Direct: The girl said. She observed that the world was full of sorrow. Commands, requests or advice with tell "Did he marry Sue?" "Put on your coat," I said. "They called us," he said. This page will help you to understand basics of Direct Indirect Speech with easy understanding. Direct and Indirect Speech Rules in Urdu PDF download learn Direct Indirect narration definition, rules, conversion, examples and exercise with Urdu Translation. Direct and indirect speech - exercise 1 Complete sentences. While changing direct speech to indirect speech, the modals used in the sentences change like: There are modals that do not change – Could, Would, Should, Might, Ought to, Direct speech to indirect speech examples-, Direct: He said, “I am in class Twelfth.”.