The fruit also creates a sweetened glaze or sauce for meats like chicken and pork. The fruit is small with greenish-yellow speckled skin and fantastic honey-sweet flesh. They are plums that have a high enough sugar content to allow growers to dry the plums in the sun without fermenting. Not to be confused with the mandarin orange of the same name, these are meaty-fleshed, sweet plums with deep red flesh. But no matter your color, shape or global region of choice, you’re bound to have a plum good time with these fruits. Establishing and Training Plum Trees . Black plums usually range from bright red to deep purple color and come with a mild to sweet taste. Whole Fruits and Fruit Fiber Emerging Health Effects. They're commonly found in baked goods such as cakes, pies, and tarts. These delicious fruits can be ideally picked in late summers to early autumns. According to European plum facts, these fruit trees are self-fertile. Regardless of the variety, the fruit's shape is typically round, although it can also be heart shaped or oval. Still, they’re one of the world’s most popular types of plums, since their pit easily comes loose – whereas other plum stones make you fight to separate them from their beloved flesh. on: June 17, 2020 In: Gallery. As such, Friar Plums are one of the best types of plums to eat raw – just remember to wash off their slightly waxy, deep purple skin first. Japanese plums can then be broken into red plums, black plums (more of a dark purple color), and yellow plums. Large, sweet, firm and juicy, these popular plums seem to really have reaped all the blessings. Pollination. From tart to tropical, you’re bound to find a plum variety that will pique your taste buds. The following are the few popular types of European plums that are worth your read. It has a sweet, mild plum flavor and tends to keep its shape when cooked, making it perfect for things like plum tarts. Appetizers (1) Beverages (2) Breakfast (1) Desserts (14) Entrees (4) Preserves and Canning … On the other hand, other types of Japanese plums are “clingstone” in which the flesh is fast attached to the pit. Due to their impeccable sweet taste, Mayor Plums are often labeled as “sugar plums”. If we may be so bold, let us here at FruitStand assure you that we know a whole lot about fruit. According to the Clemson University Horticulture’s website, Black Ruby’s trees can easily tolerate the humid climate, which is why they are cultivated in the damp areas of southern and Mediterranean areas. The plum is a very nutritious fruit. January 2014. Photo: Anna Williams. This fruit tends to be oblong with some green on the skin, patches of a red blush from the sun (an apricot trait), and vibrant pink to red flesh inside. You can also use plucots in other scrumptious dishes like jam, chutney, plum crumbles, etc. If you can find tree-ripened ones, they will be sweet and tasty. Once matured, they flaunt firm and crisp flesh and can easily be imported to other countries without getting damaged on their way. Most people incorrectly assume that these moist fruits were first domesticated by cultivars in the wild. Some of the more common varieties are preferred for particular uses. They consist of phenolic compounds that prevent LDL cholesterol from clogging into your bloodstream and thus lower the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Some of the most popular types of these plums include: Known for their oddly oblong shape – even within the European plum world – Moyer Plums are one of the most popular types of plums out there, sporting a classic plummy color combination of pretty purple skin and deep yellow flesh. Disease Management. The Spruce Eats uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Just like any other plum, pluots can stay on the counter for three days and for one week in a refrigerator. While plucots and pluots are often labeled as the same type of plums, they are technically different. It typically comes into season about the same time as the plum. Sweet plums the size of cherry tomatoes. European or Italian plums may be sold as sugar plum, Italian plum or prune, French prune, or simply "fresh prune" since it's the fruit that is dried to make prunes. One of the more tart varieties, these purple-skinned plums are popular in cooked applications, such as jam or stewed fruit. It can be broken out into two big groups: fairly round Japanese plums and somewhat oblong European plums. Like many other fruit, they're very delicious dried, made into juice, sauce and other fresh plum recipes. Yellow plums are yellow inside and out, and are juicy with a nice crisp texture. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. El Dorado is a popular Japanese black plum with yellow flesh. Plums are not only delicious, but make for a beautiful flowering tree – and who doesn’t dream of a yard full of edible decorations? Plum is a good source vitamins A and C, calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, and potassium. On the other hand, others like to think that the Duke of Anjou upon his return from Jerusalem brought along plums to Europe around 1198 to 1204 A.D. Whatever may be the truth, one common consensus remains that wild plums were planted and raised throughout the Old and New Worlds. However, they need to be protected against bacteria and that can be done with the use of Bacterial Canker. Once dried-out, these tasty fruits retain its sweet flavor which is why they can be deliciously incorporated in different types of dry dishes.