Follow the steps below to get the Good Ending. After Deimos’s departure, you will simply have to talk to Kleon and then to get rid of his two henchmen to end the mission (pictures3-4). Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. Once inside, you catch a guard and question him with your spear. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Head back to Aikaterine after killing and looting the cultist and give her the sword. Resist your urge for revenge and don’t murder The Wolf. Then, in Episode 8, make sure to tell Deimos that they are being controlled by the cult when you are in the prison cell in the Doing Time mission. This may or may not affect the ending, but to be safe if you want the “happiest” one, say, “Hold on!” after fighting Deimos. Conversation with Deimos The conversation above has zero effects. Twitter Facebook Google + Pinterest Linkedin. He will be right next door across the street. Kassandra taking in a deep breath, collecting herself after fighting Kleon's men. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You will wake up from jail; try to win Deimos over to your side. After defeating these men, a cinematic will play where Sokrates (such a nice guy he was) and Barnabas will come rushing in to help you escape. Their conversation was cut short by the arrival of Kleon. Main You must now report your work to Aristophanes who greets you and ask about your progress. If he says “My sword is my family,” then you are on track to achieving the happy ending. Long story short, Sokrates will change the public opinion on Kleon with the proof of corruption he just found. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Follow the marker and head for Thespis’ house. In the same cinematic, you will block Deimos from hitting you, but Kleon will knock Deimos unconscious with an arrow to his back. He will greet you and talk about his leg injury in Pylos. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When talking to your mother, you have to promise to her that you’ll save Deimos from the cult. December 27, 2018 It is time to end this cultist once and for all. He asks for mercy but anger is too high. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Find out how the interrogation took place in this part of the AC Odyssey Walkthrough. Brasidas tells you that Kleon is fighting alongside his men in Amphipolis. You must rise from your slumber to a post-war state and find yourself in a jail. If he says this, you know you've made a big impact on him and helped your chances of getting a … The Battle of Pylos Assassinate him and get the key from him. Date You must now kill them in order to complete this mission. In A Bloody Feast, tell Deimos “Hold on!” after you fight him. This will make them wonder whether or not they are in control. You must tarnish Kleon’s fame by slowly killing people’s opinion of him in front of them. Report to Sokrates End the conversation by telling him to go to Stentor if you want the ending where all family members are there. Do note that if you want the family-friendly ending, you must have saved Nikolaos in the past and said ‘Hold On!’ when a tree fell onto Deimos previously. You can either kill him slowly and painfully or snap his neck quickly and end his life just as quick. -“Our mother searched for you.” EditThe Blood Fever. Conversation with Aristophanes You must now head for the Taverns where all men drink. Source It is a good sign if you hear them say “I am not your puppet” to Kleon. Silver Blur. In Episode 8 This one is a bit weird.In the Prison you have to convince Deimos that the Cult is manipulative. You must now find and kill him. There are nine different endings to the game. In Chapter 7: Paint it Red, be kind to Nikolaos and tell him to help Stentor. He is about to give a speech on Kleon. Imprisoned after the Battle of Pylos, you are awakened by Deimos. The area will be fortified so be sure to assassinate the soldiers before approaching this cultist. Episode 8 The Resistance . In Doing Time, convince Deimos the cult is manipulating you both. !This page contains spoilers for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Your last decision in the game comes in Episode 9 in the Where It All Began mission where you must refuse to fight Deimos. You must now carry Thespis to his home and drop him on the floor inside his front door. At the end of this sequence, if Deimos says “I am not your puppet” to Kleon, you will know that you are on the right path to the best ending. An Athenian soldier will ask you to leave and those are Commander Rhexenor’s orders. Athens, Attika, Greece Nikolaos will intervene if you don’t try to fight him, which is what you want. -“She thought you were dead” You must rise from your slumber to a post-war state and find yourself in a jail. Apparently, Brasidas is still alive. You must rise from your slumber to a post-war state and find yourself in a jail. Apparently, the guard’s job was to destroy the plan’s manuscript while Thespis is out drinking with the guard’s comrades. The second step in in Episode 6. You must meet Aikaterine now. -“I was thrown off, too.”. Kill Rhexenor the Hand You must plan a play for this purpose. Brasidas will also meet his untimely fate here. You must find Brasidas, help him in battle and wage war against Athens. However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons, armor, and other details. Climb the Amphipolis’ defensive wall and find Brasidas inside with other soldiers. Saving all of your family members will unlock them as Lieutenants for your ship. You must now choose the following options to win Deimos over: “It was the prophecy” and “You and I both know who feeds the Pythia her words”. She will hit on you the moment you try to talk to her. In A Bloody Feast, tell Myrinne “I’ll bring Deimos back.”. You will get a Paris’ bow, a cultist clue and an artifact fragment for killing Kleon. from the misthios in the final confrontation. You have two choices to make in Episode 7. If you publicly execute The Monger, in a quest later, To Kill or Not to Kill, you will have no choice but to kill Lagos the Archon, a cultist who is friends with Brasida. There are many choices to make in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but only some of them impact major outcomes in the story. Barnabas handed over Kassandra's equipment, allowing her to change. The guards entered the cell and surrounded Kassandra. Deimos will say “I am not your puppet,” if it worked. Previous You must now return to Sokrates and find yourself in a meeting. The rules are the same: Beat enough Athens to reduce the blue bar to the end. Defend against Kleon’s Soldiers But for a more detailed description, check the spoiler-heavy guide below. Carry Thespis Not saving the baby will make it impossible to save all of your family members down the line, but you will get Chrysis’ rewards immediately – a Legendary Gauntlets of the Immortal from the Immortal Legendary Armor set, and an artifact fragment. Talk to him after beating him to an inch of his life. You must convince Deimos of the cult’s wrongdoings. Leave a comment. Follow the marker, equip your equipment and reach his residence. If you’re OK with spoilers or just want to know how to get the best ending in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, then keep reading. Meet Brasidas Conversation with Deimos After waking up, you are now in a prison cell of Athens and ar… Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Major Choices and Consequences. Tell Deimos the cult is using him/her. You must talk to Aristophanes while in Perikles’ house. Collect them and return to the Gate of Atlantis and seal the place. You will meet Sokrates at the door. Your last decision in the game comes in Episode 9 in the Where It All Began mission where you must refuse to fight Deimos. Tell them to get out of here and they will back off. (Choice all the way back in Welcome to Athens).