The layer of honey on top was just perfect to go with the crepe. This is what the typical Chateraise cake selection looks like: Are you foaming at the mouth already? They say that you can tell how good a Japanese bakery or patisserie is by looking at and tasting their strawberry shortcake, a must-have for most Japanese bakeries out there. Location: 55, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. This mille crepe made of 18 sheets of flavourful butter-rich crepes has soft, fluffy layers unlike western style mille crepes. Popular Chateraise Patisserie from Japan is now occupying the space at Isetan Westgate where former Milkissimo was. Heaven forbid. Some content may be compensated through third-party advertisers. About Us; CHOOSE EARTH; Shop Pâtisserie Glacé. Wow, they named it "legendary".. so my expectations are high, and the fact that Japanese cakes are uber light is real. Tell us about it in the comments! What was unfortunate was that I felt there was too much cream, albeit for a “fresh cream cake”. We’re lucky enough to have Chateraise being brought in to Singapore, and I was there with the team at WAttention (a Japanese lifestyle magazine) at the Westgate store which opened just recently in April this year. Japanese supermarkets like Kuriya typically sell them at $3 a piece. (Before Chateraise), Japanese ice cream lovers had to buy Meiji ice bars from the supermarket. Menu below: All other Chateraise Singapore outlets are takeaway-only. The key difference is in flavours. You know, for science. If you’re seriously obsessed with matcha ice cream, know that Chateraise’s matcha ice bars aren’t the cheapest you can get if you’re willing to stock them in your freezer. There’s some overlap of common flavours like matcha and red bean, but Meiji has melon and cookies & cream while Chateraise doesn’t. Other popular favourites include White Zebra Caramel (that’s like a Mille Crepe Cake), Green Zebra, Crispy Chocolate Cake, Fluffy Cream Rolls and animal-shaped ones. If there desserts that you must try in this cafe, Red Riding Hood strawberry waffle and Strawberry Shortcake are included in the list. Not easy to make something simple this good, when you cannot depend on flavours, but only only the texture and consistency of flavours to elevate it. FYI: these come in full-size rolls too. But that’s exactly what you’ll find at Japanese cake shop Chateraise. And the condensed milk center JUST MAKES IT EVEN BETTER. Sorry, frozen jelly isn’t quite as exciting as ice cream, but I thought I’d throw this in here for the lactose-intolerant. Now Chateraise just needs to come up with a Tokyo Banana Cake and no one will ever need to go to Japan. I think these folks have lots of potential, will give them a second chance. The Mont Blanc, however, was pretty average. The aesthetic of Chateraise’s Strawberry Cream Cake definitely scores, and the strawberries in it were generally sweet with a tinge of sourness which suited the cake pretty well. Great Cakes Make Great Memories ‘TIS THE SEASON! Featuring the Strawberry Milk Cake, the Legendary Strawberry Shortcake and also tried the Matcha Bombe. Enjoy even more with 1-for-1 deals at ~500 restaurants >, Tochiotome Legendary Fresh Cream Cake 5.1nett. These are still retailing at $7.50 per box of 4, and Redmart has a promo at $9.95 for 2 boxes (i.e. Yes, it really does taste like butter. Mooncake Festival 2020 – Ultimate Price Guide to the Best Mooncakes in Singapore, Mooncake Festival 2020 — Best Credit Card Promotions for Mooncake Discounts. When we visited the nearest Chateraise outlet on a weekday, we saw a suburban mom and her toddlers scooping what looked like 30 of these ice cream bars into a freezer bag. How Much Do Singapore Airlines’ Home Delivery & Inflight Meals Cost Anyway? Here’s what Redditor _meL- had to say about this item: “ABSOLUTELY the milk ice cream wafer with the CONDENSED MILK CENTER. Popular Chateraise Patisserie from Japan is now occupying the space at Isetan Westgate where former Milkissimo was. Their latest item highlighted to me was the White Zebra ($4.70). I have no idea what “Deep Kyoto” refers to exactly, but $2.20 for a very gao matcha ice cream seems reasonable to me. Ask any Singaporean to name their favourite cheap dessert and you’re likely to hear cheng tng or bubur cha cha, not fluffy strawberry cakes, Hokkaido milk ice cream and matcha chocolates. LE version of their legendary fresh cream cake made with in season tochiotome strawberries. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They say that you can tell how good a Japanese bakery or patisserie is by looking at and tasting their strawberry shortcake, a must-have for most Japanese bakeries out there. It is also a lot airier since it was made souffle style. Part of the fun at Chateraise is figuring out what the hell these weird dessert names mean. Citi - Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds worth S$449 or S$350 Cash, SCB - $200 Cash via PayNow or $300 Zalora Store Credits, Best Personal Accident Insurance Policies, See All Personal Accident Insurance Articles, Redditor _meL- had to say about this item, Reddit commentor Shadowstrike has endorsed the butter dorayaki. Okay, so basically these fluffy cream rolls are the same Swiss rolls you can buy from any neighbourhood bakery, but with a much higher “cream-to-cake ratio” (quoth Eugenia). A definite upgrade from McDonalds’ ice cream cones for sure. Same price so why not, The strawberries aren't necessarily sweeter but it is much fruitier. Create a free website or blog at ( Log Out /  Sign me the hell up. Um, it’s ice cream and red bean paste in a fish-shaped wafer for mess-free eating. Cannot afford a $15 box of Royce Nama Chocolate? It's no wonder, you know they're really serious about it when the ingredients, including the water, are imported from Japan. Guess we were lucky to have spotted a freshly-refilled tub of them. Still, if we’re talking about per skewer price, Chateraise’s dango is still the cheapest (and some say the best too). Lest you come away with the wrong impression of Chateraise as the Daiso of Japanese dessert shops, I must emphasise that Chateraise Singapore also has a wide variety of sliced (from $3.90), individual (from $4.70) and whole cakes (from $20).