Capacitive proximity sensors sense detection targets due to that target's ability to be electrically charged. Capacitive Proximity Sensor, Cylindrical, Chrome Plated Brass, Shielded Construction, 8 mm Threaded Body, 2 mm Range, PNP Output, Normally Open Output, 3-Pin, PICO Quick-Connect, M12, Capacitive Sensor, Shielded, 1-4 mm Range, NPN, Complementary, 2 m Cable, M12, Capacitive Sensor, Shielded, 1-4 mm Range, PNP, Complementary, 2 m Cable, M18, Capacitive Sensor, Shielded, 2-8 mm Range, AC, Normally Open, 2 m Cable, M18, Capacitive Sensor, Shielded, 2-8 mm Range, AC, Normally Closed, 2 m Cable, M18, Capacitive Sensor, Shielded, 2-8 mm Range, NPN, Complementary, 2 m Cable, M18, Capacitive Sensor, Shielded, 2-8 mm Range, PNP, Complementary, 2 m Cable, M30, Capacitive Sensor, Shielded, 2-20 mm Range, AC, Normally Open, 2 m Cable, Inductive Proximity Sensors and Overall Equipment Efficiency, Meeting Environmental and Process Monitoring Needs in Modern Manufacturing. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest news from Telemecanique Sensors. For non-contact detection of any other type of material up to 20mm, our capacitive sensors match that same top level of performance. A capacitor is formed by two differently charged electrodes isolated from each other. HTM Sensors has capacitive sensors for the reliable detection of liquids, plastics, powders and pastes. We have a wide range of Capacitive Sensors, including sensors with metal or plastic housings, pre-wired and quick-connect types, AC and DC models in both shielded (flush-mount) and non-shielded (non-flush mount) configurations. If the distance bet… General purpose inductive sensorsOne of the most comprehensive catalogues on the market with: Applicative inductive and capacitive sensors. Full stainless steel and plastic for food & beverage applications, Cubic & full stainless steel cylindrical for Automotive including welding applications, Material handling / Conveying / Logistics, Water Storage Facilities and Access Control, Pantograph, air conditioning and coupling systems. By using the metal that the sensor is mounted in, or a metal plate opposite the material you are detecting, sensing distances of 10X those of standard capacitive sensors can be achieved. Our inductive sensors come in flush and non-flush versions (shielded / non-shielded), short and long body versions, PNP and NPN versions  to be compatible with all PLCs and controllers worldwide. Copper capacitive sensors can be implemented on standard FR4 PCBs as well as on flexible material. All of these features translate into a much more stable signal for the customer. An alternating magnetic field is generated in front of these windings. They basically comprise an oscillator whose windings constitute the sensing face. Capacitive sensors are constructed from many different media, such as copper, indium tin oxide (ITO) and printed ink. In addition to the size of the sensor, and its spacing relative to the ground plane, the type o… Regardless of the material you need to detect - without contacting it, Telemecanique Sensors has you covered with a full range of high quality and high performance inductive and capacitive sensors. It's not a high performance capacitive sensor unless it is Rechner High Performance. This sensor can go where most other sensors can't. Capacitive sensors apply voltage to an area and detect objects by measuring the changes in an electrical property called capacitance, which is the ability of something to hold an electric charge. That is an operating temperature between liquid nitrogen and the temperature of standard cooking equipment. For detecting metal objects up to 60mm, our range of inductive sensors feature the latest in high performance technology. Our inductive proximity sensors (formerly known as OsiSense XS) are solely for the detection of metal objects up to 60mm. Rotation control, Factor 1, ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination, etc. A summary of these two best-in-class non-contact detection options appear below. KXS Extreme Range and High Temperature Sensors The KXS Series is another member of the 3-Electrode family. This series also includes two types of models: 1 model for High dielectric materials (like ketchup and bread batters), and 1 model for everything else (e.g. The 26 Series of capacitive sensors proudly wears Rechner's HP badge while also having unique physical characteristics in shape and size of the sensor that all it to outperform any traditional sensor when it comes to ignoring material buildup. KXS Extreme Range and High Temperature Sensors. If your application needs greater sensing distance, has high temperature variations, a high potential of electromagnetic disturbances, or your material has variations; then High Performance is the right sensor for you. Sizes M8, M12, M18, M30 and M32 are available from stock. Sizes M8, M12, M18, M30 and M32 are available from stock. Additionally, High Performance sensors are linearly optimized so that they detect a large range of dielectric products at the same distance. As an additional consequence of the signal stability, High Performance sensors are able to achieve a 25% larger sensing distance over all of the competition. When a metal object is placed within the magnetic field generated by the sensor, the resulting currents induced form an additional load and the oscillations cease. The 3-Electrode Principle is a patented technology that uses the tank as part of the sensor to achieve level control as well-defined as 1 mm even when the sensor is coated in dried liquid or glue. Plastic case sensors for double insulation and chemical environment compliance. The High Performance line also features superior temperature drift characteristics built into the sensor that keeps your machines running accurately on the coldest nights and hottest days.