Haven't had any problems ... cough cough ... My tap water came out the colour of coffee...bottled water for everything in my house. One of the biggest misconceptions about Dubai is that you can’t drink. In recent years the condition of aquifers in the country has improved significantly due to measures taken to minimize groundwater abstraction. But I have only been drinking bottled water. You will sometimes find it mentioned in the Dubai vacation rental listings on our main site. Dubai is incredibly strict about public drunkenness and has zero tolerance for drinking and driving. The energy required for the desalination process is generated from fuels such as natural gas and diesel. The residential sector accounts for the highest rates of water consumption (60.6%) and is followed by the commercial sector (24.9%) and the industrial sector, which consumes about 3.7%. “At the moment, [offering free tap water] is not something that can be mandatory, it’s also related to whether it should it be free or not. The amount of surface water in Dubai is negligible. Scares me from drinking from the tap. The pipe in the first flat were rusty and the water smell a bit. That leaves only 10% of the total amount to recharge the aquifers. If it's Ajman, don't even consider drinking! In the midst of all this, Dubai Airports announced that they are banning all single use plastics from this year, and Abu Dhabi declared efforts to ‘substantially’ reduce single use plastic by 2021. In restaurants too, I prefer bottled water.”. Tap water in the city of Dubai is considered "safe for drinking." But when you’re in the desert? Keep conversation respectful. u/not_a_veggie. Yes we do boil tap water and use as drinking water. Why was Ahmed Patel such a phenomenon in India? At the supermarkets 2l of local bottled water is cheaper than chips. © Al Nisr Publishing LLC 2020. And if you do there are strict repercussions. The condition of the pipes in your villa/building... maybe/maybe not. The reliability of desalinated water in urban centers has been questioned due to the red tide effect, which has been witnessed in the Arabian Gulf. Then I saw this - Without my knowledge, my wife used the tap water for vegetable and rice boiling and all. This very much depends on which area of Dubai you are in. Or it could fine, you just don’t know. If restaurants are offering tap water, they have to follow all the safety guidelines to ensure it is safe. It would be easier though to introduce [the drinking of tap water] in homes because trusting public water dispensaries would be difficult as it is hard to know the standard of cleanliness in these places.”, “I’d be happy to switch to tap water as I’m used to drinking that in European countries during my travels. So why the reluctance to encourage or make it mandatory for restaurants to offer free tap water? The United Arab Emirates currently has an estimated 22,601 billion cubic feet of underground water. If you run it from hot, that's usually from the heating equipment. Tanks should be regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent blockages and ensure quality of water. Strict punishments aside, Dubai understands that its visitors and non-Muslim residents want a good cocktail every once in awhile. 8 months ago. And I ate it. These cookies are used to improve your experience and provide more personalized service to you. Equally, when traveling in less developed countries such as India, we know it is wise to avoid drinking tap water unless you are happy to spend your entire vacation on the toilet. That's the good news. These take around 15 minutes to install and need changing around once a year at filter change cost of around Dh300 to Dh500. Oh wait. So while Dubai tolerates alcohol consumption by non-Muslims it still imposes strict rules. Since the time I came to the UAE, I have been drinking bottled water as I don’t know how clean the water tanks and pipes in the building are. I only use it for cooking. A sub to discuss things that affect you and the Dubai community. It is a bit low on fluoride, but if you are only on holiday this won't have any long term affects. Keep conversation respectful. The desalinated water is finally pumped into the pipe network for domestic consumption. When i used tap water on humidifier the air quality level went up in the room by air purifier. That’s a different story. Corners are cut, shortcuts are taken, and the result could be horrifying but invisible levels of rust, algae, bacterial, animal and insect contamination by the time that water comes splashing out of your tap. “There is a resistance and only open-minded companies will be intelligent to look at alternatives,” said Abella. Our 22 Best Crock Pot and Slow-Cooker Recipes. In the new flat everything is fine. Even more worrying, they do not control the condition of the tank in which water is stored for your building. If you are staying longer, it is probably worth building up your bacterial resistance by exposing yourself to some level of tap water, such as when you brush your teeth, because you are going to ingest some at some point anyway. All Rights Reserved. I think it’ll become a norm in the UAE since a lot of effort and money is invested in making sure that tap water is drinkable.”, “I don’t mind drinking tap water but I’m not sure how safe and healthy it could be in a city environment. Locals and Expats. What's that? Be advised, the police are there, blending in, dressed as civilians. Press J to jump to the feed. Tap water in the city of Dubai is considered "safe for drinking." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Almost anything goes! It is always possible if you will consider boiling your water first before you consider drinking it. Water from the tap in Dubai won't kill you. I know most people buy mineral water but is the tap water unsafe? i cannot say anything about the residences piping and tanks however. It, however, has an aftertaste that varies from one area to the other. Abu Dhabi Tap water meets the quality and has in its own network the same quality what you can buy from for example Al Ain. The four and five star hotels (and, of course, the extra-exclusive seven-star hotels) pride themselves on bringing in some of the best Champagne, bartenders and sommeliers in the world. As long as the building have good maintenance of its tanks than it's good. Antonelli Abella said lab tests to check your own drinking water at home cost as little as Dh250, while filters start from around Dh500 to Dh1,000. The wastewater is typically treated wholly or partially regardless of final use. Install a Water dispenser in your home and you can have companies like Aqua or Oasis come deliver the large 5-8 gallon bottle to your home on a weekly basis. The UAE has guaranteed the safety of tap water and we should all do our part in eliminating the use of plastic bottles. That being said, drink a few times, doesn't matter if good or bad, you'll get used to it.