In order to finish the fight, he initiates his Hell Dispatch Chop as the final blow, only for Saitama to blow off half of his body, killing him. Boomstick: So yeah, Saitama can lose to those who can withstand his One Punch and not die, but chances are, he'll end you in one punch. Both of these characters are OP gag - like characters in their universes. Despite her dislike towards the A-Class hero, she still came to acknowledge his strength, even asking him about his name, and when she trapped him underground, she still admitted that this probably wouldn't kill him. Saitama views their one-sided rivalry relationship in a nonchalant manner. Despite the power of the blow, Orochi is still alive and able to speak, asking Saitama about what hit him. He then decided to be accepted by Saitama and to get on his good side, apologizing for his rude behavior earlier and agreeing to take care of Black Sperm and Overgrown Rover for him. Round 2: Takes place in the Saiki K univers. Two, he's not even a gag character. Saitama is again unaffected by this attack and defeats Orochi with a simple punch that tears through the monster's entire body. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Can use this to impair a targets thinking by sending it a large amount of brainwaves, The ability to turn back the time of an object by up to 24 hours (Only useable on the same object once per day), He is able to remove the soul of someone from their body if they are knocked out or asleep, The ability to make someone mentally a child, His punch would destroy everything 7 kilometers behind its origin according to his own statement, He flew across the continent to America with his power, However, Saitama became slightly enraged when Suiryu said that heroes are useless and it's pointless to rely on them. She feels insulted whenever Saitama ignores her. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic views Saitama as his eternal rival and vows to defeat him. "The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki") who has all-kinds of ESP-related abilities. Saitama would go to King's house to play video games, and regularly get frustrated at losing to King. Saitama is created to be the STRONGEST BEING in his universe. Naruto may be proficient at taijutsu and one of the most powerful ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village, but that doesn't mean he can beat Rock Lee at his own game.In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Naruto was shown to use taijutsu throughout, and in an expert-like way. They would occasionally invite each other to cookouts. One, he can't beat everyone in fiction ever, that's stupid. Similarly to Boros, Orochi too acknowledged Saitama's power at first glance. Mob and Saitama destroys him even without limits by Neg-Low Diff nature. Saitama is then told by Flashy Flash that a certain "monster king" lives there and gets excited due to the scary epithet, but he is unaware of his identity and therefore did not realize that it was the same monster he already defeated moments before. Trap an entire planet within a time loop with mind control, it's technically not a real time loop though. Really guys? 4 CAN'T BEAT: SAITAMA After pretending to be Saitama for one day, he gains a new form of respect for Saitama, and vows to never attack him when he's fighting monsters. Garou attacks Saitama a third time after dine-and-dashing from the same restaurant as him, hoping to exact revenge, but Saitama swats him away so as to not look like an accomplice of his. Alright in the first episode of 'The Disasterous life of Saiki. ANY fight which involves Saitama is inconclusive. It seems like Goku would have a hard time against that. However, Rock Lee, who has been studying the craft for years, would still be able to beat Naruto in a hand-to-hand match. Though Saitama was initially annoyed by the thought of having an apprentice, he gradually warmed up to Genos, even becoming slightly worried and concerned when he saw Genos' limp body after he was defeated by Deep Sea King, or after Genos got smashed into a rock by Tatsumaki. Saitama once unknowingly avenged Sneck when he killed the Deep Sea King and defended his honor when he and the other heroes who were defeated by Deep Sea King were being insulted. Scenario 1: In his own universe? She is sometimes seen alongside Genos and King, hanging out in Saitama’s abode. You must log in or register to reply here. Again Saiki is a literal God in his world. While Boros admits that Saitama is far stronger than him and realizes that he wasn't even nearly using his actual level of power, Saitama has respect for Boros, and deems him to be the strongest opponent he has ever faced so far. Tatsumaki came close to revealing her past with Blast to Saitama, before deciding not to. Plays ping pong with himself using massive boulders. Saitama initially respected Suiryu and his abilities, asking him to show him the fullest extent of his martial arts in order to get a better understanding.