Mashed potatoes were creamy and soft. Ahhhhhhhhh sooooo good. everything was cooked perfectly and i liked using the tongs as they cut the meat off the skewer for me. Cut each banana in half and place in sauté pan. Melt the butter over medium heat and add in the bananas. I've tried all the meats here and I've honestly not tried anything that I didn't like...I just have my favorites. The food was certainly good. Don't make the mistake of loading up on the salad bar. The service was good and, and we came hungry so we definitely ate our moneys worth of meat. One of the sides I fell in love with was their caramelized bananas. Learn about the traditions, language, and recipes that inspired our journey from Southern Brazil And there's a huge gourmet salad bar with delicious types of meats and cheeses that I've never even seen before. A few of us went to Fogo de Chao, which is this amazing Brazilian steakhouse. 2. Make sure to ask for tap!!!! The decor is beautiful and very laid back. The service is impeccable. Stellar service. A true Brazilian staple, farofa is a coarse topping or seasoning most often added to arroz e feijão (rice and beans) and churrasco. I was a server at this location and must say, this was hands down my favorite group of people to work with and best environment I could have asked for. I forced myself to avoid the ice cream and mochi in the freezer. The main reason you'd want to go there is for their various selection of super delicious meats, but they also have a killer salad bar and side dishes. The lamb, beef, and pork were all juicy and tender. The balance of sweet and salt is a critical element of southern brazilian cuisine. Seriously, I think about it a lot. Your email address will not be published. If you are overwhelmed and have no idea what to order, your server will help you pick a glass or bottle out. That appetizer is way over $20.00 and is not listed on the menu. I got the pork tenderloin with Parmesan and it was too much on the cheese. Otherwise you will fill up on the frivolous limitless service of side dishes like the cute little decadent warm cheese bread. Wine selection is extensive and can fit pretty much any budget (although you should expect to just throw in the hat and go all out).Every DC resident needs this experience. Leave the green side up and they will stop by with their large skewer and slice you off a piece. The cheese bread was delicious and the caramelized bananas were one tap away from turning into mush. For dessert I got the key lime pie which had a nice flavor but was lackluster due to the fact it was so warm. You don't have to sit there trying to get someone's attention. They were very good and you can get refills if you want more. I was so impressed with the fact that you got a rare cut if you wanted it rare. The caramelized bananas help prepare and enliven the palate throughout the meal. I was told I had to wait 15 minutes for my food but in the meantime she started me out with Brazilian cheese filled rolls. the marinated hearts of palm were excellent. The salad bar was clean, well stocked, and I most likely could have been satisfied just eating that. That was my first time there and definitely won't be my last - their food was seriously out of this world. Sort of like a salad bar on steroids. It's often too fatty for me, and sometimes it's a bit too medium-rare as opposed to medium. This is a must see during your stay in Pittsburgh! The sides are also wonderful. The layout is a sea of tables... No booths or anything. It must have been sitting out for a significant amount of time. 3. Pace yourself. The salad bar is quite interesting with several salad mixes ready to scoop up, veggies, cheeses, and a bunch of other goodies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The bananas were sweet like dessert and I love polenta. I felt like there was a really good variety of things to choose from as well. My favorite is the signature cut (picanha). Ok.  Don't let my two-stars fool you. Dinner here is not inexpensive, and you quickly wonder why you are paying all that money for the meat that after a short while seems to all taste similar? Maybe even have a light lunch. Their martinis and cocktails are delicious! Basically what happens is that servers will come to your table with long skewers of meat as long as you have the green side up and they will carve off the portion you select. That has never been my experience. A refreshing tropical drink that strikes the right balance of sweetness, the coconut batida is a popular drink that tastes even better when enjoyed poolside. Butter Definitely a lot higher quality and selection than most other salad bars you'll ever try. Good but overhyped. The cheese bread is fluffy and soft and good when warm. Butter 2 tbsp. One day, I'll try to recreate how they served it, but for this snack, I was on a mission to make something tasty and fast, so I could get back to doing my work thing. They also had an omelette station. The restaurant provides a card that you can either flip red or green. I highly recommend this restaurant for delicious Brazilian food. and it just so happened that she came to DC (from MD) to hang out with us on a sunday. As we were getting out coats our waiter was like you didn't even have coffee yet? Do not drink too much or fill up on breads as this will take away your ability to feast on all the meats.3) Occasionally, they do run specials if you are looking for reduced pricing. It was small enough yet filling and delicious. The salad bar is awesome, but we really have to watch ourselves not to fill up on the salami and cheese, olives, and heavy things. Very disappointing, considering how much you pay for dinner.The sides and salad bar are delicious; the meat is okay. The market table extends on a long oval shaped ice bed with a vast selection of soups, vegetables, cheeses, charcuterie board, and some seafood to compliment your meal. O.M.G. Not just for several hours in advance - a good 24 hour fast might be necessary, because yes, you will (and ought to) stuff your face until you realize you're going to have to roll yourself out the front door and all the way home. I had eaten leftover chili for lunch, and I was craving something sweet after that. Like the others, it's pricey at about $48 for the "full experience" as they called it, but if you're going to go to a normal fancy steak house (i.e not Longhorn), you'll probably pay close to that and not get all you can eat, so it's not that bad if you think about it that way. You will never want for anything here. Desserts normally run close to $10.00 each. Place butter and sugar in a small sauté pan over medium heat to melt. Way too expensive for their signature "papaya cream" (more like melted ice cream) and the others. They are: pão de queijo (warm cheese bread), crispy hot polenta, garlic mashed potatoes and caramelized bananas. We were seated upstairs and we hardly had any of the gaucho chefs come by as we were right by the railing :(  Our server was also MIA so getting refills and such was quite a task.+Fraldinha+Filet Mignon+unlimited pão de queijo. Green means yes I want food and red means no. I love this place...I guess even more so now that this is where I got proposed to! I know most people enjoy alcohol with their dinner (particularly wine), but I really just want a Coke with my meal. The management and staff are incredibly accommodating and friendly, as well as very hard workers who all share a great passion for providing great service and spreading Brazilian culture. The candied bacon also gets an honorable mention since it was so good!The restaurant also serves cheesy garlic bread, mashed potatoes, and polentas/caramelized bananas as side dishes. I managed to reserve a table anyway through the Open Table app. This place requires a lot of time to sit and eat to get your money's worth. Bubbles! You don't need super ripe bananas to make this. Not the best meat I've ever had, and the chicken was way too dry, but overall decent. Rib eye steak to the right, filet mignon to the left, lamp pork chop behind. I wanted a break from my usual smoothies. Extremely kind, attentive and helpful. (pão de queijo). The atmosphere is upscale, but approachable, with fresh linens placed on every table prior to seating. Even if you're hesitant/borderline scared of driving "in the city", it's not hard to get here. So it’s no surprise that “lemonade” is made with fresh limes. Enjoy the experience for less, who wouldn't?4) Parking garage next to Fogo allows for validated parking while you dine so be sure to validate the ticket before you go back to the garage!5) Their rice option is horrible.