The most common are the Mars cyborg, with its three-way attack, the Grain Beat, with its movable laser cannons, and the Neptune, which has an incredibly strong wave cannon. It isn't bad though, but it doesn't look that much different from all the others I've played on the 16-bit systems. Blazeon is a game of highs and lows. When you were a gamer kid, face it, you didn't have a lot of money to spend on games. For every U.N. Squadron you had a bland game like Strike Gunner. I see what they did may have been 20 years ago but they knew what they were doing. I realize it is one more element that needs consideration when choosing a “weapon” but it is annoying that they are such a liability. Some bosses have different attack patterns and there are some different enemy placements in parts. Before fighting the stage boss, your ship will engage its hyperdrive and speed towards the boss in a graphically impressive animation. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. The sound effects are nothing extraordinary, but are more than adequate with different weapon sounds and satisfying crashing explosion sounds. Upon further investigation, BlaZeon‘s challenge is a unique and lasting one. We may have some luck on our side though, as this game was published by ATLUS who was known for pumping out some high quality games back in the day. Three difficulties (easy, normal, and hard) can be accessed by pressing select on the title screen. It feels like a been there, done that scenario, and it sort of is. There are currently no topics for this game. I could only wish the actual game looked like it, but it doesn't. UNLIMITED!!!! There’s a major problem with this idea, and it comes down to the fact that putting this specific design element in a scrolling shooter is a poor decision. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Their advanced firing abilities can make easy work of enemies at the right times, and the variety of mechs there are along with the mechanic for capturing them would ideally set this game up as a Pokémon of shoot-em-ups. Playing off of past successes isn’t a crime, but the developers are only fooling themselves if they think the robot-possessing saves the game from being a cumbersome and uninspired retread of better titles. The SNES may not have a large library of quality shooters but you can certainly do better than this. Exclusive postcards, book previews, and more. Love...homing missiles.. Neptune: This guy has larger laser than the Titan, and also two massive bombs to basically clear out an entire screen ahead of you. When it isn’t the game is extremely boring. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. View all posts by John Legendoffzelda → AI , Arcade game , Atlus , Blazeon Review Super Nintendo , Mecha , Pokemon , Super Nintendo action games , Super Nintendo shooters . FIRST OFFICIAL NERDICUS RAFFLE GIVEAWAY CONTEST! I enjoyed it, but it's not something groundbreaking. The ships and monsters have some really good designs, and the backgrounds are insanely detailed at some points. I have no problem with that; I’m still a fan of the genre even if it has descended into bullet hell. Jolteon..BLAZEON! A mid-level boss will appear over thirty full seconds after the last visible object is gone; the walls of a cavernous space station will glide past so lethargically, it’s as if they mean to evoke Kubrickian awe. The player travels in a spaceship from the left side of the screen to the right while swarms of enemy spaceships appear. But every level has multiple instances of dead air. Where are the power ups? Upon further investigation, BlaZeon‘s challenge is a unique and lasting one.What sets the TFF-001 Garland apart from other ships is its Tranqui-Lander weapon. Developer: Jorudan Co. Terms of Use. Games like Super R-Type manage their slow pace a lot better and show that you don’t need to be a Lightening Force to keep players entertained. It's really hit or miss. The soundtrack, on the other hand, is harder to find and can cost upwards of forty dollars. BlaZeon is a space shooter arcade game. Backgrounds and sprites have high contrast, making use of warm and cool colors. It's that time folks! I find the SNES Hub to be a rewarding outlet for my creativity (though not the only outlet), and I look forward to contributing to it further. Instead, it comes equipped with dual laser-cannons which can be placed above, below, or in front of the cyborg. NESComplex Recommended for you. So get your trigger finger ready. Still, deserving a spot in any retrogamers collection. There are frequently times where it is near impossible to avoid taking hits due to your size. I usually just avoid the ground enemies lol. Some bio cyborgs only appear in particular due to their specialized weapons. Titan: A brute of a cyborg, with a laser cannon and unlimited homing missiles. Nerdicus NES Review #126: Chip 'N' Dale: Rescue Ra... Nerdicus SNES Review #36: BlaZeon: The Bio-Cyborg ... Nerdicus Genesis Review #31: Blades of Vengeance, Nerdicus NES Review #124: Championship Pool, Nerdicus NES Review #124: Championship Bowling, Nerdicus Genesis Review #30: Bio-Hazard Battle, Nerdicus SNES Review #34: Disney's Aladdin. What’s left to say about its design is pretty much all of the spacecraft are plain machines that emit cacophonic sound effects, and are stuck in a game that moves at a ponderous speed. BlaZeon is enough of a conceptual dud to make a player long for the comparatively genuine pace of BioMetal. This speedy little ship is equipped with a twin laser and can render itself intangible for ten seconds, making this cyborg the perfect choice for evasive tactics. There are no differences between the Super NES and Super Famicom versions of BlaZeon. It sometimes feels like I'm in a techno club with all that heavy bass. In a confounding move by the developers, the ship can either perform a rapid-fire shot or eke out one bullet with each press of the action button. Masuko fills each song with deep bass, striking percussion, and swaying leads. The game does a good job of providing enemies to capture so you aren’t stuck with the default weapon. As member of the rebel forces, you jump into the cockpit of the Garland spaceship to battle the Bio-Cyborgs. Blazeon is the mega-evolved form of Flareon. (thanks Wiki for giving me the names lol). This Bio-Cyborg is equipped with a 3-way spread-shot and an encircling bomb, making this cyborg deadly to enemies no matter where they are. If you do die it can be hard to mount a comeback as in most shooters but the chances of that are low. When the timer hits zero, the boss self-destructs and no bonus is rewarded.