At 5:30am Ibei emerges from their hut. Style: Euro House, Italodance. What are those? This here, is a life explained in word. But the hopelessness of this society. There’s a lack of exposure and opportunity. I would’ve loved to know what the mother thinks of Ibei’s future, what she hopes to become in future maybe she confides more in her mother. | To want things that are bigger than her, bigger than her village, or her town.’. PAL Network is conducting a series of Policy Dialogues in Kenya to address such issues through research. Crowd of protesters seen at Steve Biko road during the demonstration.Members of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) take part in a labour march to the Department of Labour and SASSA offices targeting employers who have not paid their employees under the claims of the COVID-19 Temporary Employer-Employee Relief Scheme (TERS). It took place in King William's Town, South Africa. “Mimi sio malaika,” he said, to mean he wasn’t an angel. “Has she told you?” keep up the good work. Determined not to let Biko's message go unheard, Woods undertakes a perilous quest to escape South Africa and bring Biko's remarkable tale of … They day we were speaking she gave me her aunties number to keep InTouch coz maybe I could get her help in the big town as they know it… Kitale. ''Steve may be dead but his struggle will continue,'' said Mrs. Biko. “Only God knows,” he said. Biko, a leader of the Black Conciousness movement, died after being beaten by members of Apartheid's security police in 1977. What is the clarion call Biko,How can we be of help? Like the nurse, or the teacher, or the efforts put into building better classes like those from grade six. I think this post is a call for us to rise up to be better citizens. May God fulfil all her dreams. I pray that Ibei and the many other girls like her live to realise their dreams. So many of us have glasses that are even a 10th full but will never see that blessing since they are constantly complaining. Even under these circumstances, the teacher dreams for her students. Hey Mike, I hope this gang doesn’t make you uncomfortable. Soon it’s dark and the children have gathered around a fire that the father has made. Today is my lucky day. I salute her. When I got Ibei back on the phone I asked her why she didn’t tell me that herself. Lets not forget to say thank you to Abach, without whom we would not have this story, walking a kilometer to Ibei’s home so the conversation can take place. Her mother is making a fire, already boiling a dinner of maize and beans. The first person to be served is the father, who also gets the lion’s share. I can leave a few notes as well, seeing I’ve been here for a few months When Steve Biko dies in Police custody, he writes a book about Biko. She secretly hoped that schools would open again. Of the five girls, only three made it to high school. As a girl who always dreamt of more when she didn’t even know where all the dreams came from, I only wish that somehow she makes it to be everything she wants to be and lives to tell her story. I hope there’s a way we can help the girl. Or those boys who had their eyes set too close to each other, like an eagle. I just love their simple lives. | This is Kenya, the year is 2020. Meet Brayo in Kilimani, woke up at 5am, ate sausages until he cut a sweat but his limbs ached from too much salt and his Diabetes was acting up from the sweet pancakes sweetened with honey or syrup, spent all day breathing smoke from matatus and cars in town and dust combining with the smoke in his lungs. Makes my heart sink for the number of children who let alone never realise their dreams but also never get to meet anyone that ever achieved anything close to what they dreamt of. And we expect Ibei, our future, to discover Corona vaccines, and some people, who are meant to provide a hope, a future, and a reason for tomorrow are somewhere fighting supremacy battles. I wonder why people go around building churches for able followers whereas kuna watoto kama hawa wanasoma under a tree and sitting on rocks haki anani. Nontsikelelo Albertina Sisulu is joined by her late husband Walter Sisulu in the sculpture.