In terms of overall value, going down the route of a bass guitar starter kit is a great option. Equally, guitarists who occasionally play bass would feel right at home with a scale length similar to electric guitar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to That said, there is no denying the epic tone that a P bass produces, especially if you want a low end punch for more rock oriented music. Here we have 10 of the best beginner bass guitars. All opinions expressed here are the result of direct experience or extensive research. This package includes a starter amp and all the accessories included in other all-in-one kits. Series Ray 5 StingRay Bass, Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit, Fender Squier J Beginner Bass Guitar Pack, Epiphone "Toby" Bass Guitar Performance Package, The 4 Best Jazz Bass Pickups (Reviews - 2020), The 7 Best Bass Ukuleles of 2020 (Reviews), The 4 Best Bass Compressor Pedals (Reviews - 2020), The 5 Best Short Scale Electric Guitars (Reviews – 2020), The 8 Best Portable PA Systems (Reviews – 2019), Younger players and true beginning musicians. They sound good for basses in their price range, and they a lot look like their big brothers. But, the Sterling versions are really close in terms of build and tone, and at a tiny fraction of the cost. With this in mind, you may want to look at a bass that incorporates the Jazz Bass design for the neck. New bassists should strongly consider starting on a four-string bass. Over the years, Fender have improved a lot from the original models, it’s no wonder there are so many positive reviews across the web. A bass can be heavier than a guitar, simply because it’s constructed with slightly heavier components. 7 Tested Solutions To Help You Learn Guitar Through Video Games, 9 Attributes You Need To Have When Learning The Guitar, The Top 9 Techniques For Practicing Electric Guitar, The Top 9 Techniques For Practicing Bass Guitar, 9 Simple Steps to Teach Yourself Guitar Chords Today, Mastering The 15 Most Important Guitar Chords For Beginners, How to Learn The Important Guitar Notes for Beginners, A Beginner’s Guide On How To Tune An Electric Guitar, 11 Tips To Playing Electric Guitar for Beginners, 6 Differences in Learning to Play Electric Guitar Vs. Acoustic, Learn Guitar With Apps: The 11 Best Ones To Use Today, 13 Easy to Find Guitar Accessories You Will Absolutely Benefit From, 15 Helpful Tips That Will Guide You When Buying A Guitar, Learn How to Play Today with Guitar Tricks. More Beginner Bass Guitars. They’re all great starter instruments for the beginning bass player. You have to weigh up quality and price and find a bass within your budget. A humbucker pickup suppresses noise and provides a big, warm tone without too much brightness. The option is entirely personal. I wouldn’t say many beginner bass players start on acoustic guitars, but having one around the house is quite a lot of fun. Active EQ Bass Guitars may have more control knobs for different features. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money, and whatever you choose will have upgrade options in future. It’s smart to keep the budget under $200, and you can find some great basses out there in that price range. Why? I’d recommend this as a great first bass for children, or anyone who feels overwhelmed by a full-size bass. The sound profile is more of a P Bass sound with a small amount of J bass tone, which is a great option if you’re after a model that provides a taste of both worlds. I’ve only owned 20 fret bass guitars and I’ve grown quite comfortable pulling off solos, I don’t yet feel restricted but I imagine I’d find having a few extra frets more fun in the future.