Emily Leary. Egg safety varies from country to country and you should always seek country-specific advice. If your porridge squares are still squidgy after the recommended baking time, pop them back in the oven for longer. 1 cup chopped walnuts You can also turn them into more of a dessert by heating them and serving with vanilla ice cream. For these porridge squares, I recommend using rolled oats. You can indeed add extra fruit to your porridge squares. Mix the liquid in the well, slowly incorporating the oats until evenly combined. :). Can you bank enough to pay for a dream holiday? It's much more pleasant to simply stir the ingredients together to allow the oats and apples to keep their texture. This is such a great simple dessert for this time of year! You'll know your porridge are perfectly cooked when they look golden brown on top and feel firm if you press down on the surface. You should certainly make sure all dairy products use are pasteurised. 1 tablespoon of crushed chia seeds or flax seeds mixed with 2 tablespoons of water and left for 10 minutes in the fridge. We can't get enough of apple desserts. Kids who eat breakfast are less disruptive in school, pay more attention, and are less likely to act out. This website does not offer medical advice: always consult your health professional if you have any concerns. You can indeed make porridge squares ahead as the keep well in a sealed container in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. Ok… definitely trying that this weekend yum!thanks for the recipe! You can top with them a crumb or just leave them as they are. It could not be more simple! Remove from the heat and stir in the walnuts Oats have a low Glycemic Index, meaning the energy they provide is released into the blood more slowly than, say, from a dish that's high in simple sugar. It should feel firm all the way around. apple baked oatmeal, baked oatmeal,, cinnamon baked oatmeal, cinnamon breakfast recipe. They should feel a little tender when you check them with a knife. You can add a little extra sweetness if you wish. Chocolate Chilli Sin Carne. Here are some of our favourite: Serves with vanilla ice cream or custard for a simple and hearty dessert; Put on top of porridge or overnight oats. 3 tablespoons of applesauce (bear in mind this will add sweetness). We love making a big batch of these to keep to add on breakfast, desserts and snacks. Enjoy hot or cold. You don't need expensive ingredients, horribly processed fake meats or lots of equipment to eat well without meat, fish or dairy. Oh wow! These parts squares are super easy to make. Love the simplicity of your baked apples...will make again :). This looks amazing, cant wait to try them :). You could serve it with frozen yoghurt (or even yoghurt straight out of the fridge), custard or cream. Make sure the apples are sliced to a manageable size and then leave the maple syrup out and add a little water. Small, slight soft spots may just be minor bruises acquired during transit, but more significant softening could be a sign of decay. Make sure to check the label on all the other ingredients as they may have been processed in a factory that handles wheat products. One: Preheat your oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas 6 Slice the apples into thin wedges. There are lots of ways you can change the flavours in these porridge squares! Frozen squares can be placed in the refrigerator overnight to defrost. Please check your emails and confirm your email address. The only remaining thing to look out for is a strange odour or taste. I recommend investing in an oven thermometer, so that you can get a better handle on the actual temperature in your oven. Learn how your comment data is processed. These porridge squares can be eaten on their own, both at home or on the go. Just whip up your favourite porridge, sweetened with a dash of maple syrup, add eggs, pop in a greased tray and bake for a tray of delicious porridge squares. My debut cookbook, Get Your Kids To Eat Anything is available now from all good bookshops! The majority of the sweetness comes from the apples themselves, and the maple syrup just adds to that a little. The nutritional information provided is approximate and is calculated using online tools. Are you making the best supermarket choices? Yes, you should definitely keep your porridge squares in the refrigerator so that they remain fresh. Here I’ve flavoured with cinnamon for warmth and added a couple of chopped apples for a delicious way to one of your five a day. My goodness, it's just so good! The apples look incredible, especially paired with that vanilla ice cream. Always wash your apples well before eating, even if you intend to peel and discard the skin. You can indeed make these porridge squares exactly as directed but leave out the apples, if you wish. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The great thing about baked apples is that there are so many different ways to use them. Well, this is it - this recipe is perfect! Peanut-Sriracha Soba Stir Fry, Wednesday: Breakfast Spicy Beans & Rice Cut the apple open. You could also use jumbo oats, which are slightly larger and slightly less crushed than standard rolled oats. It might be that your oven is running cooler than the dial suggests (this is more common than you might think!). You don't need expensive ingredients, horribly processed fake meats or lots of equipment to eat well without meat, fish or dairy. We are going to happily enjoy this; thanks so much for sharing! Easy and delicious! Stir to combine and make a well in the centre. Bake for 20 minutes, and if you sugared the top, transfer to the grill for 2 minutes at the end to harden up the topping Note: I have not tested all of these replacements with this particular recipe, so let me know how you get on. Thankfully it is also ridiculously versatile, and with a smattering of spice and fruits takes on a life of its own! The recipe is relatively low in fat and sugar, and although high in carbohydrates, these are largely derived from oats. Make sure they're in a sealed container that so that they are not contaminated by other items in the fridge.