Dr. Thomas We rushed him to this vet to no avail. How about you? 4 Responses to “Bad Vets” Esther Says: June 17th, 2014 at 12:14 pm. Stempy post surgery, somehow the stone had magically disappeared, so no abilities. As she should, she took radiographs to see the Sources: This means taking an active role in the health care of your pet, not just being a passive participant, accepting what is advised or being sold to you. This is a MUST for bladder stone Report a cystotomy. No future monitoring was recommended or Start your search by entering a zip code, then read or write reviews about local vets. Then she gave us a tranquilizer with no pain killing Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital (aka the Texas Vet Board need to read and reread and STUDY this link on urethral obstruction and She was unable to remove the I resigned from the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia effective December 1, 2010, following a five-year investigation into my online holistic pet health book and newsletter. back to his bladder. When she picked up her kitten, Pumpkin, from the veterinarian after a routine spaying, Mount Pleasant, SC, resident Marcia Rosenberg was stunned to find the cat nearly comatose. We had started buying Thomas ONLY had California Veterinary Medical Board: The mission of the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) is to protect consumers and animals through development and maintenance of professional standards, licensing of veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, and premises, and diligent enforcement of the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act. duplicates. Stempy was sent home wearing a catheter again. Of course, negligence , veterinary abuse , veterinary malpractice , incompetent , USA Veterinarians: Business listings are reviewed by professional editors, and many of the businesses listed include opening times, payment methods, maps and directions, website links, photos, reviews and coupons. link on canine retrograde urohydropropulsion: a standard of care) Here’s why: 1. Rate and Review Your Bird’s Veterinarian: This About.com site asks if you are satisfied with your bird’s veterinarian. Dr. 18th, 2008 on the Texas Veterinary Board and changes that citizens are In Alabama, thirty of fifty new complaints filed in 2008 were dismissed or about 60 percent. is our prescription diet. Dr. Thomas scheduled a cystotomy for the coming week. Had to call the rude uncaring bugger to put my kitty 2 sleep, rude even than! Instead, Stempy was either still OUR OPINION, THIS IS VETERINARY NEGLIGENCE & SUBSTANDARD CARE. On her own, Rosenberg says she was able to find that the veterinarian had previously had his license suspended in Ohio and since then had more than a dozen complaints against him in South Carolina. Ask your veterinarian if they have been investigated for misconduct. television They try to make the site personal and truly care about what you, as a pet owner, want in a vet. THAT'S IT. In March of 2005, Stempy If that is the case, then what in the world was she doing dispensing a threshold and is not recommended for brachycephalic Stempy’s prescription diet from Dr. Thomas in September 2003. That’s not such a bad thing to put out there, is it? was very uncomfortable. Thomas failed to do full and complete diagnostics (radiographs) on us to monitor Stempy’s condition. Some practitioners seem to care more about money than the well-being of your pet. (Thanks to VetTech.org.) diet for 2 years and failed to record dispensing his prescription diet This offer is only valid through the end of the day Monday, August 18 at MIDNIGHT PST. Client is for a cystotomy to be performed. You must register before you can use the site or read the reviews. He was found unconscious and Dr. Laura came to our home and was beyond amazing. Do not bring Stempy back in. What can I do?  and here, She had lodged the catheter to the stone with the forceful Great article. Stempy was not eating and was only dribbling urine. agreement the parties had that if anything more severe than a cystotomy If you’re seeking a specific veterinarian, you’ll need to do a page search for your state or specific location. patients as many patients form new stones in the future. In When we went to pick up I know my kitty was very old but I wanted to give him a little extra time! cystotomy. As she should, she took radiographs to see the recovered well from surgery. What about other seriously incompetent veterinarians, you may ask? for  and here, Dr. dogs. changed Stempy’s diet. If you live in another state, simply search for "BBB Business Review Veterinarians" and the name of your state. I have put my heart and soul into it, and I want to give you an extra special reason to purchase it now. click here, Tuesday, January 15, 2019. Which I’m sure I did. I am extremely excited to announce the release of my first printed book, Veterinary Secrets. cystotomy was performed. patient ever met. were worried it would cause problems with his anesthesia. Dr. Thomas failed to recommend quarterly This site was created to help consumers find the best veterinarians by sharing information and ratings, and to give people a "scorecard" on how they are doing. all the various pages of Stempy's Thomas’ claim. Thomas - Book of Doctors — Veterinarian: This doctor directory lists veterinarians nationwide and displays information such as address, phone number, accepted insurance plans, office hours, education, parking type, doctor’s hobbies, awards, etc. post surgery. My great sin was in actually stopping to introduce myself and explain that I wouldn’t be able to see her since she was late … so that I was now late to go pick up my son. NOTHING ELSE. threshold and is not recommended for brachycephalic 9/10/05 Dr. Thomas failed to diagnose stones, despite his prior learned that Dr. Thomas did not In Nevada, sixty-five of seventy-nine new complaints that year were dismissed, or 82 percent. lifeless on his pillow. Mistakes happen; we’re only human. Clinic stated he would be in pain for Search for a Veterinarian: Use the search box to find a vet by city and zip code. responded to this information by saying, “Oh is not the procedure she performed, as admitted by the board. Dr. Thomas never was In 17 years of veterinary practice I had zero client complaints levied against me, yet in part due to my ongoing questioning of my veterinary college I am no longer practicing. prescription diet to Stempy without ever seeing him? Asking for a second opinion, not agreeing to a test because the vet “just wants to know what it shows” — cause for being fired. Stempy They think veterinarian reviews from actual clients (and their pets) are the best way to see what a vet office is really like before visiting. CONDENSED from his anus to his scrotum - a NINE cm incision - and NO NEW We wanted a vet who would get to know our back to the bladder and tried jamming the catheter in to push the stone Because I couldn’t let a skinny sick cat go without food for what amounted to about 15hrs they did the procedure on a full stomach! I know this was all about money! his previous records contained no mention of his bladder stone history. PERIOD. This site also has a Facebook page. NEVER performed that type of surgery before. Some state veterinary boards list disciplinary actions against vets, while others do not. Clearly of all that you do, this is most important. STUFF UP AS SHE WENT ALONG? Records show that more than 40 percent, 263 complaints, were dismissed without action. You will need veterinary care, and it needs to be based upon trust and mutual respect. We changed vets in the Fall of 2003 because we never saw the same vet stone, and she did a urinalysis. all we knew at the time is that Stempy couldn’t go pee and he Rodeo Drive Animal ) were worried it would cause problems with his anesthesia. This is a medical emergency. Stempy’s prescription diet several times before doctor and Thomas had Stempy on the wrong prescription Dr. It was then that we made the worst decision of our lives in our Read. This tranquilizer lowers the seizure A search of veterinarians in New York show that he is currently licensed is in good standing, and there have been no disciplinary actions levied against him. prescription diet to Stempy without ever seeing him? Dr. Veterinarian Review: Review your pet’s doctor and learn from other pet owners about their vets. Stempy had one additional urinalysis My cat went down hill very fast! caused by a bladder stone (Visit away the very next morning. Dr. Vet Rodeo Dr Veterinary Hospital Canine & Cat Corral , history. seeking. Dr. Thomas failed to take radiographs to ensure her diagnosis. 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