Alt. At first glance, one would not suspect that the struggle to free the Asi would trigger so much controversy. Origin of Assi Assi Means. [1], Obgleich kaum mehr als ein kleines Rinnsal, kommt dem Assi wegen seiner Verbindung mit der für die Hindus heiligen Stadt Varanasi eine gewisse Bedeutung zu. Der Name Varanasi wird daher von den Flussnamen Varuna und Assi hergeleitet. Nevertheless, the residents of Nir David decided that access to the Asi River will not be free, and have erected fences and barriers to prevent public access to the river. On the rare occasion that the kibbutz does accept new residents, admission is conditional on a vetting process that includes evaluation by a personality assessment institute. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 19. Kibbutzim — including Nir David — also contributed to  the vast socio-economic gaps that characterize Israel today. Es wurde weltweit am 27. Other leftists claim that the river is part of the kibbutz members’, and that entering it amounts to a violent invasion. Even if such a position costs the left its only electoral lifeboat, it is still the right thing to do. Ashkenazim enjoy near-unadulterated privilege and access to land and natural resources, which in turn yield significant economic opportunities. Israeli activists and supporters enter Kibbutz Nir David and swim in the Asi River for a couple of hours on August 14, 2020. International Interest Also see international interest. In addition to illustrating the Zionist left’s growing insignificance, it teaches us quite a bit about the entitlement of Israel’s Ashkenazi elites, both to the land itself and to the very idea of justice. This dependency is perhaps why they also stay silent in the face of staggering inequality between development towns and kibbutzim. on a vetting process that includes evaluation by a personality assessment institute. Against this backdrop, and given the kibbutz’s continued refusal to adhere to the Water Act and their promise to the court, the struggle to free the Asi River has intensified. At the risk of recycling a tired cliché: the story of this struggle can teach you everything you need to know about Israeli politics, and the growing irrelevance of the Israeli Zionist left. Der Assi (Hindi: .mw-parser-output .Deva{font-size:120%}@media all and (min-width:800px){.mw-parser-output .Deva{font-size:calc(120% - ((100vw - 800px)/80))}}@media all and (min-width:1000px){.mw-parser-output .Deva{font-size:100%}}अस्सी Assī [.mw-parser-output .IPA a{text-decoration:none}ˈʌsːi]) oder Asi (Hindi: असी Asī oder असि Asi [ˈʌsi]) ist ein kleiner Fluss in der Stadt Varanasi im indischen Bundesstaat Uttar Pradesh. from its parks, that decision was immediately (and rightly) labeled as racist for trying to keep Palestinians out of the city. Nir David was established in 1936 as the first of dozens of “Tower and Stockade” settlements that — with the approval of the British colonial leadership — were key elements in the Zionist campaign to ensure Palestinian Arabs were kept away from strategic areas. In recent years, a group of residents from communities around the kibbutz have been waging a struggle to ensure free, public access to the Asi River. Activists held their largest demonstration to date last Friday, with hundreds joining in support. The history of kibbutzim in Israel provides a crucial backdrop for this current struggle. Over the past few months, residents of the surrounding towns together with activists from around the country have been showing up at the kibbutz gates every day in an attempt to access the river. The claim sounds all the more absurd considering that Nir David itself dumps agricultural waste into a nearby river that passes through Beit She’an. The religious adherence of those carrying the Assi last name is primarily Shiite (50%) in Lebanon. Mizrahi activists who insist on this historical context and its impact on today’s political alignments are usually told that they hold a grudge against Mapai, which no longer exists and has very little in common with today’s left. Interestingly — and unconventionally — the usual suspects in the Israeli political landscape have been turned on their heads in this particular struggle, with prominent Israeli leftists standing in staunch support of gated communities and against equality and distributive justice, all while vocalizing harsh opposition to the enforcement of law. The route starts going down a dirt road that leads in the bed of the Assi torrent, in Calabria, South Italy. And yet, the struggle to free the Asi is receiving dramatically different reactions from Zionist left-wing institutions and many self-described liberals. September 2014 um 20:51 Uhr bearbeitet.